Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9.2 - 9th Stop: The Decision (2)

Oh no, what will happen to Daddy if Mummy were to marry Brother Tuoye?

Xiaole was very nervous after he overheard the adults’ conversation. He didn’t understand what it meant for ‘custody rights’ or ‘complete family’. But he knew that he’d be separated from his father is his mother marry Brother Tuoye.

He didn’t want that. He wanted his parents to live together with him.

He took out the wristband that his mother had given to him. He heard that it was a gift from his father. It was supposed to be a communicative device but he still didn’t know how to operate it despite him examining it for a few days already.

Who should he ask then? He couldn’t ask his mother or Brother Tuoye. It shall be… Grandpa Village Head then. He’s the elderly with the most authority in the village. He’d know how to operate the device.

With that, Xiaole took the bus to the village head’s office. But the village head was too busy to entertain Xiaole so he ended up loitering around instead. He then heard a piece of good news.

A few of the villagers were sending flowers to Mr. Lawyer who was in Taipei. Xiaole knew that they were talking about his Alien Daddy so he decided to follow them.

He hid at the back of the truck and he finally reached Taipei. The journey wasn’t a smooth one and Xiaole was dizzy and he wanted to vomit but he bore with it until they reached their destination.

The truck stopped and the villagers started to move the flowers down. Xiaole slipped away from them and went to the venue of the wedding. He started to grab onto every stranger he saw and asked, “Have you seen Xiaole’s Alien Daddy?”

“Lad, where did you come from?” All the people answered him impatiently. “We’re very busy here. Please go and play somewhere else.”

Xiaole was depressed that he couldn’t seem to find his father. But he persevered and believed that he would be able to do so. Finally, he met a middle-aged woman who was classily dressed up for the occasion.

She was none other than Fang Derong. She had made a special effort to go down to the venue to see how the wedding preparations were going when she met a weird little boy.

“Alien? Whose child are you? Where are your parents?”

“My Mummy’s not here. I’m looking for my Daddy.” Xiaole replied innocently.

Fang Derong gazed at the boy and realised that he looked familiar. “Who is your Mummy?”

“Her name is Liang Mucheng. Do you know her?”

Liang Mucheng! Fang Derong was shocked. Isn’t she the girl whom Guangxi was smitten with 6 years ago? Why did she appear again after 6 years? Was she here to crash Guangxi and Yiqian’s wedding?

With that thought, she immediately put on a stern face and chased Xiaole away. “Go away! This isn’t where you should be.”

“But I’m looking for my Daddy.” Xiaole pouted as he wore a pitiful look.

Fang Derong was almost going to give in to him but she forced herself to be ruthless about this. She called for the guards and said, “Bring this child out of here.”

“No!” Xiaole struggled. “I want my Daddy…Ouch…” He felt a pain around his abdomen area and he squatted down in pain.

“Hey, what is wrong with you?”

“I feel… terrible…” Xiaole felt really dizzy and he seemed to be out of breath. His face was as pale as a sheet.

Fang Derong was shocked and stared back at him. After a moment, she found her voice. “Call the ambulance now and send this child to the hospital at once.”


It was raining outside.

It was really a drizzle but it made Yiqian feel really depressed.

She stood by the window as she recalled what her fiancé said to her the night before---

“I have a child. I’ve already done a DNA testing to confirm his paternity.”

“Is he… Liang Mucheng’s son?”

“Yes, you saw him that night too. His name is Xiaole. I’d want to fight for his custody rights.”

She looked at the glum look on his face and suddenly, he seemed like a stranger to her. “You’ve recalled everything, right?”

“Yes, I have.” He admitted. It was clear that he was wanted to blame her for something. “You knew about Mucheng’s existence and my past with her. Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

How could she have done that? She wasn’t brave enough to do that? She’d lose him for sure if she did!

But now, she was definitely losing him too. She knew that his heart was no longer belonged to her even though he did still express his willingness to get married with her…

She wanted to cry and tears welled up in her eyes. She covered them in an attempt of self-denial.

Guangxi was hers. He’d stay by her as long as she accepted Xiaole. After all, she was the one who was by him during the most miserable period of his life 6 years ago.

Guangxi loved her. She loved Guangxi too. They’d get married and no one would stop them from doing that.

“Dr. He, Dr. He!” A nurse called for her. “There’s an emergency case!”

Yiqian regained her composure and rushed to the emergency department. The little patient was surrounded by a few nurses and trainee doctors. Amidst them, she saw her prospective mother-in-law.

“Yiqian, please save this child!” A flustered Fang Derong walked up to Yiqian. “He was at the wedding venue and I chased him away. Then he suddenly fainted without any warning. Can you please check and see what is wrong with him?”

“Okay, I’ll take a look. Don’t worry.” She comforted Fang Derong and squeezed through the crowd to find the little patient who was lying on the bed to be Xiaole.

He was Mucheng and Guangxi’s son.

Yiqian stood rooted to the ground and she was lost. The trainee doctor gave her a detailed report on Xiaole’s pulse and breathing rates and his blood type. But she just stared blankly into space. She then lowered her gaze onto Xiaole. A frightening thought then occurred to her.

If this child ceased to exist, Guangxi would not tied to Mucheng. Guangxi would be solely hers then.

If only this child ceased to exist…


Guangxi rushed to the hospital immediately after he was being informed by Yiqian. He saw Xiaole sleeping in the ward and his mother pacing around outside the ward when he reached the hospital.

“Why are you here?” Fang Derong was shocked to see him. “Who informed you about this?”

“It was Yiqian.” Guangxi replied and immediately rushed into the room to take a look at his son. “How is Xiaole? Is he okay?”

“You…know that child?” Fang Derong was devastated. “Does that mean that you have seen Liang Mucheng?”

“I’ve not only seen her, I’ve also recalled the past.” Guangxi announced to his mother.

Fang Derong was terrified. She couldn’t believe her ears. She noticed how flustered her son was and knew immediately that something was amiss. “So, you… no! You can’t be involved with that woman anymore. It’s none of your business what happens to her son…”

“Who says that it’s none of my business? Xiaole is my son too!”

His deafening words shook Fang Derong to the core.

“I heard that Xiaole had a relapse after you tried to chase him away.” Guangxi lectured his mother. “Do you know that you’ve nearly cost your grandson his life?”

He was her grandson? That child in the ward was actually her grandson? Fang Derong was speechless.

Guangxi ignored her and entered the ward to keep his son company. A few hours later, Mucheng arrived too. She was almost on the verge of breaking down when she saw her son lying unconscious on the bed.

“Xiaole, Xiaole.” She stroked her son’s pale face.

“He is going to be fine. His condition has already stabilized.” Guangxi said hoarsely while he looked at her.

Mucheng stopped and took deep breaths. She was still extremely angry. She stood up and stared sternly at Guangxi. “Why did this happen? Why is Xiaole here? Did you take him away when I didn’t notice it? How could you do that?”

Guangxi frowned. Her accusation made him really upset. “Do you really think that I’m such a despicable person; that I’ll take Xiaole away without informing you about it?”

“Fine. Tell me how did Xiaole make his way to Taipei then?” She grabbed his collar and tears welled in her eyes. “Do you know how worried I was when I couldn’t find him? I was so anxious as it was way past the time for his shots. I was afraid that he may suffer a relapse out there. I was so afraid that he’d be all alone by himself and no one would be helping him. I thought I heard him cry for me. I knew he’d be very frightened… Why must you do this? How can you take him away from me? I hate you, Ren Guangxi, I hate you…”

Mucheng was choked with emotions and she broke down. Guangxi stared at her and wanted to hug her but she pushed him away.

“Don’t touch me. Don’t you dare touch me!” She screamed at him and drew a line between them.

Guangxi clenched his teeth. He was really upset at her. A part of him wanted to scream back at her but another part of him wanted to hug her tightly and comfort her.

That was because his heart ached…

“Liang Mucheng, do you know that you’re really abominable?”

“You’re the one who’s abominable! You stole my son from me!” She accused him again. “I won’t let you do as you please. You will not snatch my Xiaole away from me!”

“Liang Mucheng…”

“Stop quarrelling.” A weak voice interrupted. The two of them turned around immediately and looked at Xiaole who was lying on the bed. He had regained his consciousness and was sitting up on the bed looking teary-eyed.

“Xiaole, you’ve woken!” Mucheng ran towards her son. “How are you feeling? Are you in pain? Tell Mummy now, do you feel any discomforts?” She examined her son from top to toe anxiously.

Xiaole pushed her away indifferently. “I want Daddy.”

“What?” She was stunned. “Xiaole, what did you just say?”

“I want Daddy!” Xiaole cried. “Mummy, you’re so mean. You don’t want me to be with Daddy and you want to separate us. You’re an evil Mummy. Xiaole hates you!”

Xiaole… hates her?

Mucheng was shocked. Her beloved son wanted his Daddy instead of her?

She stood rooted to the ground. She felt a stinging sensation and she wanted to cry but she couldn’t seem to do so. She wanted to say something but she couldn’t seem to do so too.

She recalled how much pain she had endured to give birth to Xiaole, who was so small and weak back then. She was so afraid that Xiaole wouldn’t survive then.

She never dared to let down her guard all these years. She was afraid that a small mistake would cost Xiaole to suffer again. She’d piggyback him to the hospital when he was sick. She’d take care of him all night long when he had a fever.

She loved this child and would always think that her life was complete whenever she saw his innocent smile. He was her treasure, her hope.

“Xiaole…” She trembled as she stretched her hands out to her son.

“Mummy, you’re so evil. Why can’t you let me be with Daddy? I hate you, I hate you!”

Her hand that was hanging in mid-air fell upon hearing that.

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