Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9.1 - 9th Stop: The Decision (1)

It was “Air on the G-String”.

This tune was the one which she kept all her memories in. The memories she had with her father and Guangxi and all her childhood dreams and ambitions. All these came under the light as she played the tune.

Those were her most happy and upsetting memories. She used to have a lot and she lost a lot too. It was time for her to be strong and bid everything farewell now.

She bid her dreams, youth and the love she couldn’t seem to let go goodbye.

Mucheng played the piano over and over again. Her tears fell onto the keys and her hands. She finally couldn’t control her trembling fingers…

“Why did you stop?” A hoarse voice asked.

Mucheng was stunned. She thought that it was the kindergarten teacher. She stood up frantically and said, “I’m sorry for borrowing the piano for such a long time. I’m leaving now with Xiaole…” She stopped when she noticed that the person standing in front of her was actually Guangxi. “Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be at the party now?”

“I thought I wanted to see you all one last time before I leave.” He said, expressionless. “Where’s Xiaole?”

“He’s over there.” She said pointing to Xiaole who was sleeping in a corner in the music room.

“Did he fall asleep after listening to you play the piano?”


“He’s exactly like me.”

“What?” She was stunned.

“He’s exactly like how I was back then, isn’t he?” Guangxi looked straight into her face. “I’d always hear you play the piano and would fall asleep most of the time after that.”

“You…” Mucheng was shocked. She grabbed onto the edge of the piano. “How is it possible that you…?”

“I’ve remembered the past.” He said bitterly. “It’s not a complete recollection but I think I’ve recalled many things concerning you. I’ve recalled how we met back then, the case and when you said you wanted to leave me.”

 “Guangxi…” Mucheng clenched onto her teeth. She found many thoughts racing through her head. Why was he staring at her with a look of indifference on his face now?

“Liang Mucheng, I couldn’t protect you, right? I couldn’t even save my own family’s Shengde Hall, how could I’ve thought of protecting you then? I’m just a rich man’s son who sits around and enjoys life. You were afraid that I couldn’t take hardships and would become your burden, right?” He forced her to answer him. Every question was like a piece of molten rock that seemed to melt and burn her heart.

He really remembered it all. But the bad news was, he remembered their breakup most clearly. He must have been heartbroken back then.

She was teary-eyed. “Guangxi, listen to me…”

He suddenly grabbed her shoulders. “What is it that you have to say? How do you intend to put me down further? Isn’t all these enough already?”

He really hated her because she hurt him badly then. “I’m sorry, Guangxi.”

“You don’t have to be!” Guangxi shouted. He was furious and he shook her hard. He really felt like slapping her. “After all, you’ve already repaid me with your body, isn’t it?”


“Didn’t you leave with Hua Tuoye so that you'd get to enjoy a luxurious life? What on earth is going on now then?” He said sarcastically. “Why are you an unwed mother and have to work really hard like you did in the past? What about Hua Tuoye? Why isn’t he protecting you? Why aren’t you married to him? He…”

Guangxi paused and suddenly turned his attention to Xiaole who was sleeping in the corner. He was struck with a thought that made him lost for a moment. Then he said, “Don’t tell me that it’s because Xiaole’s my…”

“No, that’s not the case!” Mucheng guessed what he wanted to say and interrupted immediately. “Please don’t let your imagination run wild.”

But the more she denied, the more he felt she was hiding the truth from him. Guangxi knew immediately what was going on and he had mixed feelings about it.

“Xiaole’s my son, right?” He asked her sternly and tried to walk across the room to Xiaole.

Mucheng stepped in front of him and tried to block him. “Please, Guangxi.” She shook her head miserably. “You’re getting married soon.”

So what? Did she take him as a fool now? Was that why she kept the truth from him and forbade him from acknowledging his son?

“Liang Mucheng, you’re ruthless indeed.” Guangxi banged his fist into the wall. He felt a burning sensation in his chest. This woman was the one who trampled on and killed his young and innocent love. “I’ll not let you off.”

“What do… you want?” She was as pale as a sheet.

The sides of his mouth went up slightly, making him look like a smiling demon. “I want Xiaole.”

Mucheng was afraid as she knew what he meant. She ran across the room immediately and pick up her son. Xiaole was shocked and he woke up. He rubbed his eyes and looked at his mother.

“Mummy, what’s the matter?”

Mucheng didn’t answer him. She just wanted to get away from Guangxi. But Guangxi was sticking closely right behind her. His every footstep sounded to her as though the guards from Hell were coming after her.

No, she couldn’t let him take Xiaole away from her. No one was allowed to take her son away from her.

“Mummy, it’s Uncle Alien.” Xiaole found Guangxi who was standing behind them. He immediately got down from his mother’s arms and ran towards his idol.

Mucheng immediately grabbed her son’s arms. “No, Xiaole, we have to go now!”

“Why? Mummy, I want to play with Uncle.”

“No, you can’t!”

“Why not? Uncle!” Xiaole cried. He could feel his mother’s firm stand even though he was a child.

“Xiaole!” Guangxi’s heart broke when he heard Xiaole’s cries. He ran up to Mucheng and snatched Xiaole from her.

Xiaole snuggled in his arms. “Uncle, why doesn’t Mummy allow for me to play with you?”

“That’s because I’m not your Uncle.” Guangxi said as he stroke his son’s head.

“Who are you then if you’re not Uncle?” Xiaole asked innocently, with tears in his eyes.

“I’m your Daddy.”

Guangxi announced in front of Mucheng. He didn’t know that she felt like it was the end when he said that.

She was rooted to the ground and she looked very helpless. She saw her son grabbing Guangxi. Xiaole was all smiles. It was like a dream come true for him as his idol was actually his biological father.

“I knew it. I knew that you were related to my Daddy. You’re exactly like what Mummy had described you to be. You are my Daddy.” Xiaole’s eyes sparkled like the stars in the night sky.

“Yes, I’m your Daddy.” Guangxi hugged his son.

Don’t do that, he can’t take Xiaole away from her. Xiaole was her only treasure…

Mucheng felt something stinging her eyes are she watched them. “Xiaole, come back here.”

“Mummy, it’s Daddy!” Xiaole didn’t understand why his mother was upset and happily shouted his discovery at her.

She felt that it was too unbearable for her. She took Xiaole’s hand and said, “Let’s go. Xiaole, let’s leave now!”

“No, Mummy, I want to be with Daddy…”

“Leave with Mummy now!”

Mucheng and Xiaole were “playing” tug and war with each other when a fist landed on Guangxi’s face and he was thrown onto the ground.

The person who had beaten him was none other than Tuoye. He had saved Mucheng at the most critical moment. She immediately picked her son up and left hurriedly.

“No! Mummy, I want to be with Daddy. Xiaole wants Daddy---”


“He said he wants Xiaole. He said he’s going fight for Xiaole’s custody rights with me!”

Mucheng put Xiaole to bed with much difficulty before telling Tuoye what had happened just now. She then poured her worries to Tuoye. “What should I do now? Tuoye, tell me. What should I do now?”

“Mucheng, calm down.” Tuoye said, grabbing onto her shoulders. He looked at her and saw that she was pretty disheveled and lost and that broke his heart. “Don’t be like this. There will be a way to solve this. Ren Guangxi won’t be able to do as he pleases.”

“But he has already taken some of Xiaole’s hair for DNA Testing. He’ll go to court once the results are out… I know he’ll do that. He’s a lawyer. He can easily win Xiaole’s custody rights if he wants to.”

“Even so, he still has a fiancée. She’s a rich man’s daughter. Do you think she’ll be willing to raise someone else’s child then?”

“Who knows? Guangxi said that she’s a pediatrician and she loves children.” A disturbed Mucheng said.

“This is not just someone else’s child; it’s a child that has been born to her fiancé and another woman.”  Tuoye tried to calm Mucheng down. “Just don’t panic for now. You have to stay calm and think. I’m sure that there will be a way out.”

“I have actually thought of a way.” Mucheng said. “The only way is for me to leave Huatian Village with Xiaole.”

“What did you say?” Tuoye was shocked. “Are you trying to imply that you’re hoping that Ren Guangxi wouldn’t be able to find you all like that?”

“Yes, this is the best solution to the problem.”

What about him then? He wouldn’t be able to see them too. How was he supposed to be at peace then if he couldn’t take care of them?

“No, I don’t approve of that.”


“I can’t let the two of you out of my sight! “ Tuoye said anxiously. “It has been tough on you all these years and I don’t want to see you suffer anymore. I…” He bit onto his lips and struggled for a moment. Then he shouted, “I want to take care of the two of you!”

Mucheng was stunned.

“I wish to take care of the two of you.” Tuoye repeated himself. He walked towards Mucheng and planted a kiss on her forehead. “Would you marry me, Mucheng?”

“But…” Mucheng hesitated. All she took Tuoye for was a good friend.

“I know that you only take me as a friend.” Tuoye wore a smile of self-mockery on his face. “But I like you for a very long time already. Mucheng, I was afraid that we can’t even be friends if I confess to you. But now…”

He scratched his head and he looked a little bashful. “You need me too, isn’t it? If we get married, Xiaole will have a father and a complete family. In that way, you’d be granted the custody rights even if we have to go to court.”

That was true. A complete family would mean a better chance of being granted the custody rights.

“But I can’t make use of you like this. It’s not fair to you.” Mucheng said, frowning.

“Make use of me, Mucheng.” Tuoye said, smiling. There was so much love that could be seen in his smile. “I’m really happy that I can let you make use of me. I, Hua Tuoye am most willing to be at your service whenever you need me.”

“Tuoye, you…” Mucheng stared at Tuoye. She knew his feelings for her all these years. But she couldn’t bear to hurt another person’s heart.

“You don’t have to give me a reply immediately. You can consider about it first. I can wait for you.” Tuoye left at once as he was afraid that Mucheng may reject him on the spot.

Mucheng sat there and went into a trance. She didn’t notice that Xiaole was hiding in the corner, eavesdropping on their conversation.

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