Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1 - Final Destination: Next Stop Happiness (1)

She actually thought that he brought up marriage as a punishment for her.

How could she have thought in that manner…?

Guangxi felt utterly defeated and depressed. What kind of a man did Mucheng think he was?

Six years ago, she didn’t believe that he could bear the responsibility of a man and bring her any happiness. Six years later, she took him as a jerk that was going to fight with her over their son.

Liang Mucheng was clearly belittling him. He must have been mad to want to marry her after she didn’t believe in him and had expressed her doubts about him.

But he knew he wanted to marry her despite it all. It was not only to provide Xiaole with a complete family but also because he didn’t want her to leave him again.

He wanted seeing her to be the first thing he did in the morning after he wakes up. He also wanted seeing her to be the last thing he did at night before he goes to sleep. He wanted her to smile at him. The only place she could hide if she were to cry was only to be in his arms.

All in all, he’d never let someone else have her, even if the other party is Hua Tuoye!

“You’ll give Mucheng happiness, right?” Hua Tuoye warned him at the wedding banquet. “You’re dead meat if I know that she’s upset with you. Ren Guangxi, I don’t care how people would look at us but I’ll take her away from you if that happens. You better be well prepared then.”

“I know. Please don’t worry about it. Mucheng will be happy.” That was his reply. It served as both a rebuttal and also a comfort to and for Hua Tuoye.

Frankly speaking, he admired this man. He had been by Mucheng all these years and had never wavered since.

But that also spurred him on. He wanted to show that he was more worthy of Mucheng’s love than Hua Tuoye. He’d make her fall in love with him again; as long as she gave him the chance to do so.

If only she gave him the chance to do so----

It was their wedding night. Guangxi blinked his eyes as he stared at Mucheng’s face. She seemed a little… indifferent? His heart sank as he felt that he was hurt by her expression.

“Have you been waiting for a long time?” He was lying backwards on the bed. “Take off my clothes for me.”

Mucheng frowned and pondered for a moment as to how she should treat him. Then after some consideration, she gently took off his coat and tie.

“There’s still another piece.” He pointed to his top.

She bit onto her lips as she unbuttoned his top. One by one, the buttons came off. She was slow at it and her hands trembled. She paused when she was at the last button.

He squinted at her. “What’s the matter? Are you shy?”

She was stunned for moment. Then she blushed. “Ren Guangxi, don’t go too overboard!”

“How can you say that? You’re my wife, I’m your husband. Don’t you know that it’s part of our bedroom fun for you take off my clothes for me?”

She remained motionless while staring back angrily at him.

“Alright then. Since you don’t want to take it off for me, can you take off your own clothes then? I’m your husband; it’s a sort of entertainment to see my wife strip in front of me. That isn’t too much to ask for right?” Guangxi said, smiling a little evilly

He thought that Mucheng might reject that idea and even lecture him for it. But to his surprise, his newly-wedded wife just stared at him with a stubborn expression and she started to remove her own clothes.

Her actions were fast and firm and she didn’t hesitate for a moment. Guangxi was shocked by her actions and he sat upright while staring at her.

In a matter of moments, Mucheng’s nightgown fell onto the floor. She was only in her undergarments. She stood there, upright and she resembled a while lotus that was blooming out of the water.

Guangxi looked at her with his heart racing and lust unleashing in him.

But she just stood calmly on the spot and tilted her face slightly, She looked distant and Guangxi felt as though as he was been disregarded by her.

What was she thinking? Was she still thinking of Hua Tuoye and was thus depressed that she had unfortunately become his wife instead? Was she that unwilling and reluctant to marry him?

With that in mind, Guangxi was very angry. He got up from bed and took the quilt in his hands. He then wrapped the quilt tightly around Mucheng.

She was stunned. “You…”

“Liang Mucheng, it is okay if you don’t want to do it. I’m not so pathetic till I have to force myself on an unwilling woman.” Guangxi made his statement. He then put on some clothes and walked towards the door.

“Where are you going?” She asked him.

He turned around and smiled broadly. “Women would throw themselves at me if I really need one.”

Was he implying that he was going to have some fun with—another woman out there?

Mucheng was speechless. She slumped onto the bed and wrapped her arms around herself. She suddenly felt extremely cold. She shivered and tears started to well up in her eyes.

What kind of marriage was this? How was she supposed to face a husband who doesn’t love her?

She didn’t have an answer…


Ever since then, Mr. and Mrs. Ren appeared to be close in front of others but behind others, they almost ignored each other.

He was strong-headed and she was stubborn. The two of them refused to play second fiddle because they were afraid that they’d lose face and end up being hurt at the end of the day. They decided to be indifferent about the other party’s life.

Guangxi would always used his work as an excuse and he was often back at a late hour. Even when he was earlier, he’d only play with Xiaole, tell him bedside stories and put him to sleep. After that, he’d return to his study room and continue with his work.

Neither would he go back to the master bedroom on his own nor would Mucheng call for him. The husband and wife slept in different rooms and would often toss and turn till dawn.

They’d only pretend to be a loving couple in front of Xiaole lest he got upset.

“Mummy, Daddy told me the story of Snow White last night.” Xiaole told Mucheng at the breakfast table.

“Snow White?” Mucheng lifted her brow. “I thought you hated such girlish stories in the past?” Xiaole loved stories about aliens on their adventures or Harry Potter and his magical encounters, isn’t it?

“But Daddy said that someday, I’ll meet my Snow White too. Therefore, I should learn how to protect her now.”

Was he trying to teach their son courting skills at such a young age?

Mucheng rolled her eyes at Guangxi. He shrugged his shoulders and continued having his coffee.

“I actually liked Tangtang. But I can no longer see her now that we’ve moved to Taipei.” Xiaole sighed. He felt that it was a regret that his first love had ended so quickly. “If not, Tangtang can be Snow White. I’d slay the dragons for her and stop her from eating the poisonous apples.”

Were there dragons in that fairytale?

Mucheng was puzzled while Guangxi relaxed and continued to have his coffee. But he felt a little guilty and almost choked on his coffee. The truth was he had made up most of the fairytale himself and he was pretty sure that some of the parts may have been mixed up with the other stories.

“Daddy said that Prince Charming kissed Snow White and caused her to wake up because he loved her.” Xiaole had finally got to the most important point after talking for so long. “Mummy, does Daddy wake you up by kissing you too?”

“What?” Mucheng paused for a moment.

“Kissing.” Xiaole pointed to his own lips. “Daddy said that he’d often play kissing games with you.”

What was he trying to teach their son? Mucheng felt herself blushing and stared back at her husband plaintively.  “Xiaole, don’t listen to your Daddy’s nonsense. We’ve not done that…”

“What? You all don’t kiss?” Xiaole was disappointed. “Don’t you guys love each other?”

“Of course we do.” Guangxi announced it in a most natural tone and wrapped his arms around Mucheng’s shoulders. “You love me a lot, don’t you, my dearest wife?”

He sounded so wicked and annoying. Mucheng looked at him and her heart began to race uncontrollably.

“Mummy, don’t you love Daddy?” Xiaole persisted and he looked terribly worried.

“I… Of course I do.” Mucheng decided to give it her all to satisfy her son.

“Do you all play kissing games then?”

“Of course we do. We’d often kiss.” Guangxi replied reassuringly and his lips started to move closer to his wife’s face. “We’d kiss like this, and like this and sometimes we’d also kiss like this.” His kisses landed on Mucheng’s face, forehead and brows as he said that

“Don’t you all kiss on the lips too?”

“Of course we do.” Guangxi planted one last kiss on Mucheng’s lips. He even paused for a few moments on her lips.

Was that enough? Mucheng felt her face burn. She was embarrassed and she pushed her husband away. Their eyes met with each other’s. She initially wanted to express anger but it seemed like she had ended up wearing a gentle expression instead.

The couple felt weird and both of them turned away at the same time.

Xiaole failed to notice the awkward atmosphere between his parents. He just clapped happily and even said that he’d follow in his Daddy’s footsteps and give to his future princess a lot of kisses too.

At the very same moment, Fang Derong came into the dining hall coincidentally. She was shocked to see the family of three happily having breakfast together.

“Good morning, Granny.” Xiaole greeted her obediently after seeing her. “Today’s breakfast is really delicious. My Mummy has made us some egg rolls.” He warmly sat her down next to himself as he said that.

Xiaole’s actions left Fang Derong stunned. She had mixed feelings for this long-lost grandson. She still felt a little displeased even though she finally agreed to Guangxi and Mucheng’s marriage. After all, it was because of Xiaole’s presence that her plan backfired and Guangxi no longer listened to her.

“You all can have it.” She rejected Xiaole’s invitation. She felt a little out place with them. “I have to attend a meeting in school this morning. I’ve to leave first.”

Xiaole watched as his Granny left. He pouted and asked, “Mummy, don’t you think that Granny doesn’t seem to like me?”

“Just ignore her.” Guangxi replied immediately. He tousled Xiaole’s hair and said, “That’s her personality. You just have to ignore her.”

“How can you tell that to Xiaole?” Mucheng reprimanded Guangxi. She then turned to Xiaole and smiled to him. “Granny just doesn’t know how to express her feelings yet. I’m sure that she really likes you.”

“Really?” Xiaole didn’t really believe what Mucheng said.

“Why don’t you make her a birthday card since it’s her birthday next week? You can let Granny know that you want to befriend and get closer to her.”

“Okay.” Xiaole nodded.

Guangxi frowned. “Why must you do that? You know my mother doesn’t buy that sort of things.”

“You say that because you don’t know her well.” Mucheng replied and sighed.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s actually someone… who really needs to be loved too.”


Xiaole decided to use Mucheng’s suggestion and he made a gigantic card personally. The mother and son prepared a little party to celebrate Fang Derong’s birthday. The hall was full of colourful balloons. Xiaole even learnt how to make birthday party hats from Mucheng.

Mucheng baked the cake while Xiaole used fresh chocolate cream to write “Happy Birthday, Granny” on the cake.

Fang Derong was shocked by their surprise and she stood rooted to the ground after seeing it.

Xiaole popped a party popper in front of her and the confetti was released. “Happy Birthday, Granny!”

Fang Derong was speechless. Was it her birthday today? She had forgotten all about it.

Mucheng brought the cake in and the both her and Xiaole started to sing the birthday song. Xiaole applauded loudly and he requested his Granny to blow the candles and make a wish after they finished singing the song.

Fang Derong was embarrassed but she couldn’t bear to disappoint her grandson. She could only vent her “frustrations” on her daughter-in-law. “I don’t usually celebrate my birthday.”

“It’s a thought of Xiaole.”Mucheng explained gently. “Mum, can you just blow the candles so that he’d not be disappointed?”

What else could she do other than that?

Fang Derong stared at her daughter-in-law before bending forward to blow the candles out. She then pretended to make a wish.

“Granny, this is a gift from me.” Xiaole presented the card to her.

Fang Derong accepted it reluctantly.

“Open it!” Xiaole urged.

She opened the card to see the drawing of an old person and a young child holding hands together and taking a stroll in the park.

“I hope that I can take daily strolls with you in the garden, Granny.” Xiaole said. He walked over to her and took her hand in his. His hand was warm and fuzzy and that brought tears to her eyes.

She clutched onto the card tightly as her fingers trembled.

“Granny, can we do that? Can I take strolls with you?”

She took a deep breath and her chest rose. She was deeply touched by him. “Of course… you can.”

 She then held onto Xiaole’s hand.

Mucheng smiled after looking at them. Fang Derong turned over and looked at her. She was very grateful for what Mucheng had done.

She shook her head. The two of them looked at each other. This very moment revealed a chance of their cold relationship coming to an end.

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Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 9.3

Chapter 9.3 - 9th Stop: The Decision (3)

Her heart was broken

Guangxi saw her in the walkway. She was in a corner and she had buried her face between her knees.

She may have been crying but Guangxi knew that she wouldn’t want him to see her doing so.

It seems like Xiaole’s rejection was a strong blow for her. He had never seen her this depressed before.

Guangxi gazed at Mucheng and realised that his hatred for her was gone. All he wanted to do now was to protect this woman and make her smile again.

He made his way to Yiqian’s office silently and knocked on the door.

Yiqian allowed for him to enter. It was as though she had known that he’d look for her. Her expression was very calm. “Take a seat; I’ve been waiting for you.” She poured a cup of coffee for him. He accepted her offer. “Thank you for saving Xiaole.”

“It’s my responsibility as a doctor.” She smiled slightly.

Guangxi gazed at her and realised that she was giving him a weak smile.

She knew he had seen through her disguise and decided to stop pretending. She pouted slightly and said, “Actually, there was a moment that I had actually hoped that the child would be of non-existence.”

Guangxi was stunned and his fingers gripped tightly onto the side of the cup.

“I’m very scary, right?” Yiqian smiled bitterly. “I was frightened by my own thoughts too. I’m not fit to be a doctor.”

Guangxi didn’t reprimand her. He could understand why Yiqian would have that kind of thoughts. He felt apologetic. “It’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“It’s because…” He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “I want to annul our engagement.”

“I knew it, I guessed it earlier too.” Yiqian lowered her head and said to herself softly. She smiled reluctantly and continued. “I knew you’d leave me if you regained your memory. That is why I’ve been delaying our marriage plans all these years. I was afraid of the arrival of this day.”

“You too?” Guangxi was shocked.

“Some things are fated and predestined and there’s no way you can change or escape from them.” Yiqian said.  “It’s just like you remembering the past and me having to pay the price of lying to you.” She took a deep breath and walk towards Guangxi. She leaned on his chest and said, “Can you please hug me for one last time, Guangxi?”

The two of them hugged and none of them said another word.


Guangxi returned to his son’s ward after coming to an agreement with his ex-fiancée. Mucheng  was still standing lonely outside the ward. He took a glance at her before entering the room.

Xiaole wasn’t sleeping well. He frowned and mumbled in his sleep. Suddenly, he woke up.

“What’s the matter?” Guangxi said, grasping onto his cold palms.

“Daddy.” Xiaole grasped him tightly as though as the action would comfort him. “Where’s Mummy?”

“She has already left.” Guangxi said purposefully.

“She left? Where did she go?” Xiaole was shocked.

“Didn’t you tell her that you want me and you hate her? That’s why she left. She’ll not disturb you again.”

“Nope, that’s not it…” Xiaole was flustered. “I didn’t mean to chase Mummy away.”

“But you broke your Mummy’s heart because you said you hate her. She was very sad and has already left.”

“What should I do now, Daddy?”

“I don’t know.” Guangxi pretended that there was nothing he could do and shook his head.

Xiaole became worried and struggled to get down from bed. “I must go and find Mummy now!”

“No, you can’t go now. You’re still on a drip. You can’t move around as you please.” Guangxi stopped Xiaole.

“Let me go, I want to find Mummy now!” Xiaole shouted. He was worried that he’d lost his mother. “Mummy! It’s my fault. Please don’t be angry with me and abandon me!”

“What’s the matter?” Mucheng heard the commotion and rushed in immediately. “Xiaole, how are you feeling? Are you alright?”

“Mummy!” Xiaole heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Mucheng. He laid in her arms and cried softly. “Please don’t be angry with me. It’s my fault. I was disobedient. I apologise to you. Please do not leave me, Mummy.” He sniffed. Every sentence he said broke Mucheng’s heart.

She hugged her son tightly and comforted him. “Who said that I’ll abandon you? How can I bear to abandon you? I won’t leave; I’ll be here with you. Xiaole, don’t cry.”

“Mummy.” Xiaole continued to sob.

Guangxi stood by the side and watched the mother and son hugged each other. He smiled and said, “Xiaole, you like your Mummy best, right?”

“Yes.” Xiaole sniffled and nodded. He wiped his tears and said, “I like Mummy best.”

“Your Mummy is the most important person to you, right?” Guangxi asked.

“Yes, but…” He wanted his Daddy too! Why can’t he like the both of them? Must he really have to choose from the two of them?

Xiaole looked at his father and was on the verge of crying.

“I know. You want the both of us, right?” Guangxi understood his son’s thoughts. He leaned forward and stroked his face. “Shall the three of us live together in future?”

Xiaole’s eyes sparkled. His face was still full of tears but he was already smiling. “Can we really do that? Can I live together with the both of you?”

“We can; as long as your Mummy agrees to it.” Guangxi said and looked at Mucheng.

She stared back at him and was lost for words.


 “Please marry me, Mucheng. We’ll get married. That’s the best solution.”

Guangxi pulled Mucheng onto the walkway to sort things out after Xiaole fell asleep.

“You want Xiaole to have a complete family too, right? He wants both his Daddy and Mummy. We can fulfill his wish as long as we get married.

“But… what about He Yiqian?” Mucheng hesitated. “Weren’t you going to marry her?”

“I’ve already annulled our engagement. She agreed to it.”

“You…” She frowned.

He warned her before she rejected him. “You’d reject me only if you want to fight for Xiaole’s custody rights with me in court.”

She paused and was upset by his demanding tone. “I don’t have to marry you. Tuoye proposed to me too…”

“What did you just say? You want to marry another man?” Guangxi grabbed her by the shoulders. He was very upset by her remark. “Listen carefully, I’ll not allow for that. You and Xiaole belong to me and I’ll not let anyone else have the two of you!”

Six years ago, Mucheng left him for Hua Tuoye. Was history going to repeat itself again?

No! He wouldn’t allow for that to happen!

“Say yes, you can only give me this answer.” He commanded.

How can this man be so overbearing?

Mucheng clenched onto her teeth. She didn’t understand him at all. He hated her to the core and yet he wants to marry her? Did he think that a couple would be able to live happily ever after without love?

“I know. You want to punish me, right?” She stared at him sorrowfully. She thought she was right and her heart sank. “Whatever. You may do as you please. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me anymore---”

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Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 19.1

Chapter 19.1 - Hints of A Person (1)

   Baili didn't speak, Luo Zhi just walked forward while holding on to her shoulders. The sun at noon was very dazzling, she put her hand in front of her forehead, the mobile phone in her pocket vibrated, and there was a short message from Sheng Huainan.

    "Today, did I just play the role you played on the day when we first met?"

   She didn't reply and straight away off her phone

    Luo Zhi put the phone back in her pocket and looked at Jiang Baili, who was always bowing her head and not speaking. Suddenly, after thinking about it, she reached out and grabbed a pack of tissues.

    "Here you go."

    Belle took it, and finally raised her head after a while.

    "Thank you." She raised a big smile. Although a bit forced, she was still a little brighter than before.

    "How do you know I need to wipe my tears?" she asked Luo Zhi, a little embarrassed.

    Luo Zhi couldn't help but smile: "Who told you it is to wipe your tears? Isn't it obvious it is to wipe your nose? If it's just tears, can't you wipe it with your sleeve, there is no need for you to keep bowing your head for so long. "

    Baili finally couldn't help it. Screamed and chased after Luo Zhi.

    Sitting in the KFC, Luo Zhi ordered meal No. 2. Baili said she was not hungry, Luo Zhi still bought her a strawberry sundae.

    "Eating some ice cream when you are sad will definitely cheer you up quickly." Luo Zhi handed it to her.

    For a long time, Luo Zhi minded her own business and just ate her food, while Baili just sat there, quietly eating her sundae in a daze.

    "Luo Zhi, do you have anyone you like?"

    Luo Zhi was licking her fingers after eating the hamburger. She heard Baili's question, and said frankly: " Yes ."

    She and Baili rarely chat, but there has always been a tacit understanding and candidness. 
When facing Baili, Luo Zhi rarely lied.

    "Is he the boy who went to dinner with Gobi just now?"

    Luo Zhi was dazed and nodded: "Yes."

    Blunt and firm.

    "So frank and straightforward."

    "I always thought it would be difficult to spit out this word, but surprisingly I didn't struggle or hesitate at all." Actually, it was a bit embarrassing, Luo Zhi said in a carefree tone. .

    "Come on!" Baili rolled her eyes.

    "But why did you guess it was him? Wasn't there a boy who went out with me at that time?"

    Baili was stunned, she obviously did not even considered this fact.

    Luo Zhi silently complained to Zhang Mingrui. God is so unfair.

    "Furthermore, didn't you just keep your head down and worry about your snot? I didn't expect that the blood of gossip in your body is still boiling. I really admire you."

    "Will speaking less kill you?!"

    Luo Zhi smiled and stop teasing her.

    "To be honest, when you came out, I looked up and had a glance at him. He was really handsome. At just that glance, I remembered a sentence,'Qianqian—'"

    "The gentleman of Qianqian, gentle like jade." Luo Zhi lowered her head and smiled.

    "That's right. You think so too?"

    "This sentence is flooded in romantic novels . He is a good-looking boy. As long as he is not overly lively, he is usually described like this."

    "Can you words dont be so mean? Does romance novel have a grudge against you?" Belle continued to roll her eyes helplessly, "But, I'm serious, I have never seen a living boy worthy of this sentence."


    "So a woman's instinct tells me you like him."

    "So I should like him because he is good-looking? Don't tell me, you like Gobi because he is handsome."

    "Indeed I am. Of course not completely, otherwise it would be too superficial. But if you aren't just because he looks good, then why?"

    Luo Zhi saw the calmness in Baili's eyes, so she didn't want to piece together a perfunctory answer.

    "My story is too long. And there is no plot. I am unable to explain it." Luo Zhi shook her head.

    "You guys really match. Both of your temperament matches. I think he should like you too."

    Luo Zhi smiled bitterly and knowingly said: "I don't like the word 'should' very much."

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Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9.2 - 9th Stop: The Decision (2)

Oh no, what will happen to Daddy if Mummy were to marry Brother Tuoye?

Xiaole was very nervous after he overheard the adults’ conversation. He didn’t understand what it meant for ‘custody rights’ or ‘complete family’. But he knew that he’d be separated from his father is his mother marry Brother Tuoye.

He didn’t want that. He wanted his parents to live together with him.

He took out the wristband that his mother had given to him. He heard that it was a gift from his father. It was supposed to be a communicative device but he still didn’t know how to operate it despite him examining it for a few days already.

Who should he ask then? He couldn’t ask his mother or Brother Tuoye. It shall be… Grandpa Village Head then. He’s the elderly with the most authority in the village. He’d know how to operate the device.

With that, Xiaole took the bus to the village head’s office. But the village head was too busy to entertain Xiaole so he ended up loitering around instead. He then heard a piece of good news.

A few of the villagers were sending flowers to Mr. Lawyer who was in Taipei. Xiaole knew that they were talking about his Alien Daddy so he decided to follow them.

He hid at the back of the truck and he finally reached Taipei. The journey wasn’t a smooth one and Xiaole was dizzy and he wanted to vomit but he bore with it until they reached their destination.

The truck stopped and the villagers started to move the flowers down. Xiaole slipped away from them and went to the venue of the wedding. He started to grab onto every stranger he saw and asked, “Have you seen Xiaole’s Alien Daddy?”

“Lad, where did you come from?” All the people answered him impatiently. “We’re very busy here. Please go and play somewhere else.”

Xiaole was depressed that he couldn’t seem to find his father. But he persevered and believed that he would be able to do so. Finally, he met a middle-aged woman who was classily dressed up for the occasion.

She was none other than Fang Derong. She had made a special effort to go down to the venue to see how the wedding preparations were going when she met a weird little boy.

“Alien? Whose child are you? Where are your parents?”

“My Mummy’s not here. I’m looking for my Daddy.” Xiaole replied innocently.

Fang Derong gazed at the boy and realised that he looked familiar. “Who is your Mummy?”

“Her name is Liang Mucheng. Do you know her?”

Liang Mucheng! Fang Derong was shocked. Isn’t she the girl whom Guangxi was smitten with 6 years ago? Why did she appear again after 6 years? Was she here to crash Guangxi and Yiqian’s wedding?

With that thought, she immediately put on a stern face and chased Xiaole away. “Go away! This isn’t where you should be.”

“But I’m looking for my Daddy.” Xiaole pouted as he wore a pitiful look.

Fang Derong was almost going to give in to him but she forced herself to be ruthless about this. She called for the guards and said, “Bring this child out of here.”

“No!” Xiaole struggled. “I want my Daddy…Ouch…” He felt a pain around his abdomen area and he squatted down in pain.

“Hey, what is wrong with you?”

“I feel… terrible…” Xiaole felt really dizzy and he seemed to be out of breath. His face was as pale as a sheet.

Fang Derong was shocked and stared back at him. After a moment, she found her voice. “Call the ambulance now and send this child to the hospital at once.”


It was raining outside.

It was really a drizzle but it made Yiqian feel really depressed.

She stood by the window as she recalled what her fiancé said to her the night before---

“I have a child. I’ve already done a DNA testing to confirm his paternity.”

“Is he… Liang Mucheng’s son?”

“Yes, you saw him that night too. His name is Xiaole. I’d want to fight for his custody rights.”

She looked at the glum look on his face and suddenly, he seemed like a stranger to her. “You’ve recalled everything, right?”

“Yes, I have.” He admitted. It was clear that he was wanted to blame her for something. “You knew about Mucheng’s existence and my past with her. Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

How could she have done that? She wasn’t brave enough to do that? She’d lose him for sure if she did!

But now, she was definitely losing him too. She knew that his heart was no longer belonged to her even though he did still express his willingness to get married with her…

She wanted to cry and tears welled up in her eyes. She covered them in an attempt of self-denial.

Guangxi was hers. He’d stay by her as long as she accepted Xiaole. After all, she was the one who was by him during the most miserable period of his life 6 years ago.

Guangxi loved her. She loved Guangxi too. They’d get married and no one would stop them from doing that.

“Dr. He, Dr. He!” A nurse called for her. “There’s an emergency case!”

Yiqian regained her composure and rushed to the emergency department. The little patient was surrounded by a few nurses and trainee doctors. Amidst them, she saw her prospective mother-in-law.

“Yiqian, please save this child!” A flustered Fang Derong walked up to Yiqian. “He was at the wedding venue and I chased him away. Then he suddenly fainted without any warning. Can you please check and see what is wrong with him?”

“Okay, I’ll take a look. Don’t worry.” She comforted Fang Derong and squeezed through the crowd to find the little patient who was lying on the bed to be Xiaole.

He was Mucheng and Guangxi’s son.

Yiqian stood rooted to the ground and she was lost. The trainee doctor gave her a detailed report on Xiaole’s pulse and breathing rates and his blood type. But she just stared blankly into space. She then lowered her gaze onto Xiaole. A frightening thought then occurred to her.

If this child ceased to exist, Guangxi would not tied to Mucheng. Guangxi would be solely hers then.

If only this child ceased to exist…


Guangxi rushed to the hospital immediately after he was being informed by Yiqian. He saw Xiaole sleeping in the ward and his mother pacing around outside the ward when he reached the hospital.

“Why are you here?” Fang Derong was shocked to see him. “Who informed you about this?”

“It was Yiqian.” Guangxi replied and immediately rushed into the room to take a look at his son. “How is Xiaole? Is he okay?”

“You…know that child?” Fang Derong was devastated. “Does that mean that you have seen Liang Mucheng?”

“I’ve not only seen her, I’ve also recalled the past.” Guangxi announced to his mother.

Fang Derong was terrified. She couldn’t believe her ears. She noticed how flustered her son was and knew immediately that something was amiss. “So, you… no! You can’t be involved with that woman anymore. It’s none of your business what happens to her son…”

“Who says that it’s none of my business? Xiaole is my son too!”

His deafening words shook Fang Derong to the core.

“I heard that Xiaole had a relapse after you tried to chase him away.” Guangxi lectured his mother. “Do you know that you’ve nearly cost your grandson his life?”

He was her grandson? That child in the ward was actually her grandson? Fang Derong was speechless.

Guangxi ignored her and entered the ward to keep his son company. A few hours later, Mucheng arrived too. She was almost on the verge of breaking down when she saw her son lying unconscious on the bed.

“Xiaole, Xiaole.” She stroked her son’s pale face.

“He is going to be fine. His condition has already stabilized.” Guangxi said hoarsely while he looked at her.

Mucheng stopped and took deep breaths. She was still extremely angry. She stood up and stared sternly at Guangxi. “Why did this happen? Why is Xiaole here? Did you take him away when I didn’t notice it? How could you do that?”

Guangxi frowned. Her accusation made him really upset. “Do you really think that I’m such a despicable person; that I’ll take Xiaole away without informing you about it?”

“Fine. Tell me how did Xiaole make his way to Taipei then?” She grabbed his collar and tears welled in her eyes. “Do you know how worried I was when I couldn’t find him? I was so anxious as it was way past the time for his shots. I was afraid that he may suffer a relapse out there. I was so afraid that he’d be all alone by himself and no one would be helping him. I thought I heard him cry for me. I knew he’d be very frightened… Why must you do this? How can you take him away from me? I hate you, Ren Guangxi, I hate you…”

Mucheng was choked with emotions and she broke down. Guangxi stared at her and wanted to hug her but she pushed him away.

“Don’t touch me. Don’t you dare touch me!” She screamed at him and drew a line between them.

Guangxi clenched his teeth. He was really upset at her. A part of him wanted to scream back at her but another part of him wanted to hug her tightly and comfort her.

That was because his heart ached…

“Liang Mucheng, do you know that you’re really abominable?”

“You’re the one who’s abominable! You stole my son from me!” She accused him again. “I won’t let you do as you please. You will not snatch my Xiaole away from me!”

“Liang Mucheng…”

“Stop quarrelling.” A weak voice interrupted. The two of them turned around immediately and looked at Xiaole who was lying on the bed. He had regained his consciousness and was sitting up on the bed looking teary-eyed.

“Xiaole, you’ve woken!” Mucheng ran towards her son. “How are you feeling? Are you in pain? Tell Mummy now, do you feel any discomforts?” She examined her son from top to toe anxiously.

Xiaole pushed her away indifferently. “I want Daddy.”

“What?” She was stunned. “Xiaole, what did you just say?”

“I want Daddy!” Xiaole cried. “Mummy, you’re so mean. You don’t want me to be with Daddy and you want to separate us. You’re an evil Mummy. Xiaole hates you!”

Xiaole… hates her?

Mucheng was shocked. Her beloved son wanted his Daddy instead of her?

She stood rooted to the ground. She felt a stinging sensation and she wanted to cry but she couldn’t seem to do so. She wanted to say something but she couldn’t seem to do so too.

She recalled how much pain she had endured to give birth to Xiaole, who was so small and weak back then. She was so afraid that Xiaole wouldn’t survive then.

She never dared to let down her guard all these years. She was afraid that a small mistake would cost Xiaole to suffer again. She’d piggyback him to the hospital when he was sick. She’d take care of him all night long when he had a fever.

She loved this child and would always think that her life was complete whenever she saw his innocent smile. He was her treasure, her hope.

“Xiaole…” She trembled as she stretched her hands out to her son.

“Mummy, you’re so evil. Why can’t you let me be with Daddy? I hate you, I hate you!”

Her hand that was hanging in mid-air fell upon hearing that.

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