Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10.1 - Final Destination: Next Stop Happiness (2)

“What is going on now?”

Guangxi came back for his mother’s birthday party after Xiaole wanted him to do so. He was shocked to see his mother smiling away. It was even more unbelievable to see his mother talking and laughing away with his wife.

“What magic tricks did you use?” He asked his wife when they were alone.

“It’s nothing to do with magic.” Mucheng said, smiling. “I only let Mum know that her grandson would love her a lot if she’d open up herself.”

“Love?” Guangxi was stunned. “My mother doesn’t believe in that!”

“She chose to be so because she was hurt deeply by love in the past.” Mucheng raised her gaze and looked at Guangxi. “You still don’t know, do you? Your father left back then because he was having an extramarital affair.”

“What?!” Guangxi was taken aback.

“I heard that he’d meet up with that woman in Shengde Hall.” Mucheng explained. “That is why Shengde Hall maybe a place that represents happiness for you. But for your mother, it reminds her of her pain and failure. She never mentioned any of these to you and has even tried her best to keep Shengde Hall for your sake.”

“Why won’t she… tell me?” Guangxi was shocked and suspicious. He still couldn’t believe that the truth was so ugly.

“Don’t you understand?” Mucheng sighed. “She didn’t want to tarnish your father’s image in your heart. She knew how much you admired him and she didn’t want to break your heart.”

Is that so? Guangxi clenched onto his teeth. The person at fault back then was actually his father instead?

“In order to maintain your father’s image in your heart, she chose to let you hate her instead. I’m a mother myself. My heart broke when Xiaole told me that he hated me then – How can you say that your mother doesn’t know anything about love then? She doesn’t have to torture herself like this if not that she loves both you and your father.”

Guangxi was shocked. He regretted deeply how he had hated his mother in the past and how he had wasted so many years before he could think about the feelings between him and his mother.

“How did you know about all these?” He stared at his wife. He was surprised that she could see a secret that he couldn’t.

“Mum told me some of it while I guessed the rest of it.”

“Why did she tell you all of these?”

Mucheng didn’t reply him and looked away. But Guangxi sensed something amiss from her actions and expression. Suddenly, he realised something—

“Don’t tell me that it was my mother who told you to leave me back then?”


It was true that it was his mother’s doing when she left back then. But she had willing done so and accepted that decision.

That was why she wasn’t resentful at all. She thought that Guangxi would able to return back to his normal life and be happy as long as she leaves him then. That was why she didn’t mind at all. But she didn’t think that it would be so coincidental and they’d meet again. And till now, the past was still a tangled mess that they have yet to be able to resolve.

The both of them were trapped in an unwanted marriage now and feeling very breathless because of it.

Was it her mistake at all? Perhaps she shouldn’t have made such a decision back then. But how could she have known that he’d rather let go of He Yiqian and punish her instead…?

Mucheng let out a sigh. Where was this marriage of hers heading to? Was it happiness or destruction? She felt very lost and didn’t know what to do.

Her hand-phone rang, shocking her. She picked up the phone and she heard a worried and flustered voice over the other line.

“Mucheng, are you Mucheng?”

“Aunt Hua?” She was stunned and didn’t know why Tuoye’s mother suddenly called her. “What’s the matter? Did something… happen to Tuoye?”

Aunt Hua was almost on the verge of breaking down. “Mucheng, you must think of a way to save my Tuoye! He’s dead meat; he’s really a goner this time round…”

 “What are you talking about? Don’t panic and tell me slowly, Aunt Hua.”

“It’s all the Village Head’s grandson Bin’s fault! I have already told Tuoye to leave that rascal alone but they grew up together and that was almost impossible. But look at what trouble he has landed Tuoye in now!”

“What is going on?” Mucheng wasn’t able to understand what she was saying and that made her anxious. “Aunt Hua, what happened to Tuoye?”

“He has been arrested by the cops. They suspect that he has murdered someone…” Aunt Hua said, choking with emotions.

“Murder!?” Mucheng was shocked.

“It’s Bin’s fault! He had to get involved with a gangster leader and the other party sent someone to kill him. Tuoye was just trying to save him…”

“Was that how he killed the man accidentally?” Mucheng was in a daze. How could that have happened?

“Tuoye didn’t kill him. Tuoye said that the man fell down the building because he wasn’t standing properly… It’s not Tuoye’s fault but the police refuse to believe what he said and insisted that he’s the murderer…” Aunt Hua cried as she talked to Mucheng.

“Aunt Hua, compose yourself. We’ll find a way to help him since Tuoye is innocent. Dry your tears and don’t worry anymore.” Mucheng coaxed her. But she was dripping in cold sweat and looking very pale herself.

“Mucheng, can you please get your husband to help?” Aunt Hua begged. “He’s a famous lawyer. He will definitely be able to help Tuoye. Can you please do that? Can you please get your husband to help to save my son?”

She was to get Guangxi to help? But…

Mucheng frowned and thought about the cold and awkward relationship they shared. She really wasn’t too sure if he’d help them.

“Take it that I’m begging you to do so!” Aunt Hua thought that Mucheng wasn’t agreeable to it and she begged her desperately. “I know I wasn’t nice to you in the past but I… didn’t mean it at all! I was just worried for my Tuoye. You do know that I’m very nice to Xiaole, don’t you? I’d often give him sweets and toys…”

“I know, Aunt Hua.” Mucheng comforted her. “Don’t worry; I’d get Guangxi to help to get Tuoye out of this. Please dry your tears and calm down.”

“Okay, that’s great.” Aunt Hua was very grateful. “Thank you, Mucheng. I’ll await news from you then.”


What was going on 6 years ago?

Was Mucheng really breaking the promise they made when she left him then? Or perhaps there was another reason that she couldn’t tell anyone at all?

Did this reason have anything to do with his mother then?

It was already late at night when Guangxi was still working in his office. He was preparing the documents that he needed in court tomorrow. But he was listless and often ended up thinking about the dazing look that his wife wore on her face.

He always felt that Mucheng had kept something from him 6 years ago. He thought about everything that happened 6 years ago and tried to analyse her journey in life then logically.

The more he thought of it, the more he felt suspicious about it. His wife was never a materialistic woman. If it was like what she claimed; she was tired and wanted a good life, why did she have to end up in Huatian Village and raise Xiaole all on her own then?

Such a woman wouldn’t be afraid of hardships. She was experiencing them all the time!

Guangxi felt his heart ached as he thought about how Mucheng had raised Xiaole solely all these years. It had really been difficult for her…

He regained his composure when someone knocked on his office’s door. He lifted his head and was shocked to see the woman who he missed dearly standing right at the door.

She looked pale and she was wearing a forced smile. She looked at him apologetically, as if she was worried that she had interrupted him.

“Why are you here?”

“I realised that it was late and you weren’t home yet so…” She took a deep breath and raised the container that she was holding in her hand. “I came to give you some supper.”

“Supper?” Guangxi was surprised and he stood up and walk towards his wife. Was this her way of making peace with him?

“Are you hungry? Have you had dinner already?” She asked and stared uncertainly back at him.

“I had dinner. But it was just a sandwich.” He smiled. “What do you have for me?”

“Beef rice.”

Beef rice? He was stunned for a moment.

“Do you want… to have some?” She asked after she spotted his hesitant expression.

He wasn’t hesitant at all. The truth was; this dish of beef rice reminded him of their bittersweet memories, happiness, pain and losses.

“Take a seat.” Guangxi lead Mucheng to the sofa. He opened the container and he immediately picked up the aroma of the beef rice. It reminded him of those past memories. He took a mouthful of it and began to chew gently. Guangxi felt nostalgic.

“Is it nice?” She asked him gently.

His eyes were red and he took a few more mouthfuls before nodding his head.

Mucheng was worked up as she saw him taking in big mouthfuls of the rice. It was a bittersweet feeling and she was choked with emotions.

Guangxi ate very quickly and he ended up choking on his food. She immediately poured him some water and patted his back for him.

He looked at her and mocked.  “This is so embarrassing, right?”

She shook her head.

“But this rice is really delicious.” He praised her.

“It’s great that you like it.” She answered him as she gazed softly at him.

He knew that she had something to say. “Do you have something to say? Shoot then.”

“I… I was thinking…” Mucheng bit onto her lips and her hands clung onto her skirt.

“It’s okay; just say whatever you want to.” He encouraged her gently. He thought that perhaps she wanted to confess to him the reason why she had left him back then.

“I want to ask you for a favour. Can you… please help to defend Tuoye?”

“What?” Guangxi was taken aback. That was nothing close to what he had expected to hear.

“He has been framed by someone!” She explained anxiously. “He didn’t murder anyone but the police refused to believe him. He is innocent!”

He stared back at her. It was after a while when Guangxi replied in a hoarse voice. “That’s the reason why you sent me some beef rice for supper tonight, right?”

She wasn’t trying to make peace with him. She did all of that for Hua Tuoye! Why was he so foolish? He actually thought that she still cared for him because of their past relationship. The truth was, the person who she really cared for wasn’t him; it was Hua Tuoye…

“Guangxi, what is your answer then?” Mucheng asked him cautiously.

Guangxi laughed and stood up with his back facing her. He then gazed out of the window. “Would you leave with Xiaole someday again if I don’t do so?”

“I…” Mucheng was stunned for a moment. She didn’t know why but she felt that her husband’s words and attitude were really cold and that made her heart ached.

“Okay, I promise you that I will help.” He turned around and looked at her. “Don’t worry; I will save the life of the man you love.”


The couple’s relationship aggravated ever since Guangxi agreed to defend Tuoye. Even Xiaole couldn’t act as the lubricant between them anymore. Guangxi would always put on a face when he was home. His attitude to Mucheng was just absolutely cold.

Fang Derong couldn’t tolerate what she saw. She decided to speak to her daughter-in-law personally. “Is Guangxi so because he is still upset about what happened 6 years ago? I should have told him that it was actually me who’s the one…”

“It’s not that, Mum.” Mucheng rejected her mother-in-law’s kind offer. “This is a problem between me and Guangxi. We should solve these ourselves. Guangxi isn’t only upset about me for what happened 6 years ago.”

“What is he upset about then? How do you want to resolve this?” Fang Derong was anxious for her son and daughter-in-law. In the past, she would have just closed an eye but now, she really hoped that the couple would understand and appreciate each other well. In that way, they’d be able to walk down the path called Future together.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to worry for us. I will think of a way.” Mucheng comforted her mother-in-law. She sounded confident but she knew that deep inside, she was actually extremely worried too.

Guangxi actually thought that the person she loved was Tuoye. This was a really huge misunderstanding!

The problem was, how was she supposed to explain it to him that it was a misunderstanding? Guangxi was always avoiding her. The only matter he’d discuss with her was Tuoye’s case. Even then, his attitude was cold and business-like. Every time when she tried to get closer to him, she’d be able to feel him moving away from her.

Did he really hate her that much?

Her heart ached when she saw him working late into the night for Tuoye’s case. She’d prepare some supper for him but he’d always leave her kind intentions alone.

She didn’t know what to do. The more one cared for somebody, the more one would be afraid that he’d be cold towards yourself. Her heart was full of wounds now that she didn’t want to add another to it.

Eventually, she could only care for him from a distance. She’d get the maids to send the supper to him. She also got Xiaole to serve him the chicken soup that she specially took time and effort to boil for him.

She could only iron and wash his clothes secretly. She never wanted him to know and be touched about it. She just hoped that by doing so, she would able to take some load off his shoulders. That was her way of supporting him while he worked late into the night.

Two weeks later, Guangxi found the crucial evidence that helped to clear Tuoye’s name. Mucheng was very happy when she learnt of the news.

“Thank you, Guangxi. I knew that you can definitely do it. Thank you!” She thanked him.

Guangxi, on the other hand, was rather emotionless. He paused for a moment before speaking coldly to her. “I’ve already delivered what I promised. It’s now time for you to repay me now.”

“Repay you?” She was stunned for a moment. “What do you want me to do then?”

“I want you to… leave my world from now on.”

“What?!” She was shocked, as though she had been stroke by lightning.  “You mean that…”

“I want a divorce.”

Divorce! He wanted a divorce with her?

Mucheng’s mind went blank and she almost fainted. “Why? Guangxi, why are you asking for…a divorce?”

“Isn’t this what you want?” He replied coldly. “Don’t worry; I won’t threaten to take Xiaole away from you again. I’m sure that Aunt Hua is very grateful to you after this time. She won’t stop you from marrying Hua Tuoye again. I wish you happiness then.”

He actually wished her happiness?

Mucheng’s heart broke.  Her tears flowed. She closed her eyes and her body slumped against the wall.

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