My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5.1 - Man can’t overcome fate (1)

Cong Rong stood on the balcony for a while before returning to the room. She occupied the study and Zhong Zhen was reading a book in the living room. She thought Zhong Zhen was asleep, but she saw him sitting by the table reading a book. There were several thick medicine books on the table, and he was buried in them.

Cong Rong walked over and looked at his books, she was unable to understand a single thing, she saw a few more medical notes on the corner of the table and she reached over and took a look.

There were several thick books bound by threads that looked pretty old, but they were well preserved. Opening it, she saw small words written in a traditional Chinese brush pen. There are other Chinese medicine and Western medicine books. There are many traditional Chinese characters in the Chinese medicine book, some prescriptions, and some medicines with pictures, and she can't understand the others. The Western medicine book contains anatomical drawings, hand-drawn drawings, and various types of drawings, both in Chinese and English, and the English handwritings are also very beautiful.

Cong Rong did not put it down after holding it in her hand, "Where did it come from?"

Speaking of this admiration, Zhong Zhen said proudly, "My boss! Are you impressed? A lot of classmates in the class wanted to borrow it! I heard that the boss's family has been in the medical industry all along, and he studied it since young. These are his notes! You can’t find it anywhere outside!"

The writing is beautiful and neat. An elegant figure of the professor formed in Cong Rong’s mind and Cong Rong nodded in agreement. "Well... very few people have such great brush writing now, let alone writing so many words."

Cong Rong looked at it for a while, then coughed and tried to ask, "This... can I have one?"
"Cousin, are you crazy?!" Zhong Zhen entered his walking emoticon mode again, looked at Cong Rong inexplicably, and then stretched out his fingers. "There was a rich guy who offered a huge price to buy them, and my boss rejected him without thinking."

Cong Rong also knew that it was impossible that she could have it, but she still wanted to ask. She expected her request to be rejected. She smiled and agreed, "Well... The old man is quite..."

Zhong Zhen's face collapsed, "I told you already! My boss is very young! Not an old man!"

Cong Rong smiled, did not take it seriously. His professor has such old-school behavior,  even if his professor is not the old man, he shouldn’t be young either?

Since the long-awaited reunion that day, Wen Shaoqing has not encountered Cong Rong for several days. One morning, Wen Shaoqing stood in the hallway and looked at the door opposite, lowered his head, and asked Rang Yi Rang, "Is she running away from me… Absconding again?"

Rang Yi Rang had a ball in his mouth and waved his tail to look at him excitedly.

Wen Shaoqing raised an eyebrow, "Well, let’s go downstairs and play ball."

At this time, Zhong Zhen looked at Cong Rong's distorted facial features at the breakfast table, and he asked, "cousin, why is your expression so painful?"

Cong Rong squeezed out two words from her teeth, "toothache."

Zhong Zhen looked at her expression, "Wisdom teeth?"

Cong Rong nodded painfully, "yea."

"Your wisdom tooth has made you ache for so long, get it out!"

Cong Rong's wisdom tooth has been growing for a long time, and it hurts when she gets anxious. This time, the anxiousness was brought to her by Wen Shaoqing.

Cong Rong sipped on the cup of water, "I will think about it."

Cong Rong thought that it would get better by taking medicine, but this time the toothache was especially painful. She increased the dose of medicine she took but it did not alleviate the pain. Instead, it made half of her face swollen. She glanced at her work timetable and made a decisive decision to text Zhong Zhen.

Zhong Zhen was reading medical records. After reading the text message, he asked, "Prof Wen, do you know anyone in the Department of Stomatology?"

Wen Shaoqing glanced at him, "you having a toothache?"

Zhong Zhen shook, "It's my cousin, she is always very decisive but her wisdom tooth extraction has been there for some time, and she refused to get it removed, and now she has inflammation."

Wen Shaoqing thought for a while, "I seem to have a junior in the stomatology department, and I will tell her later, when is your cousin planning to come?"

Zhong Zhen glanced at the phone again, "in the afternoon."

"Okay, no problem. You can tell my junior your cousin's name later."

"Thank you, Prof Wen."

In the afternoon, Cong Rong came to the hospital and arranged to see the dentist Zhong Zhen recommended.

When she saw the dentist, Cong Rong narrowed her eyes and looked at the nameplate on her chest, He Wenjing, and then looked at the woman who is half a head taller than her. She looked bold and heroic. 

He Wenjing took the medical record book and glanced at the name, "Cong Rong? Oh, are you Zhong Zhen's cousin? He told me that you will be coming."

She opened her mouth with difficulty and said: "Well, Dr. He."

He Wenjing paused. "I don't like people calling me Dr. He, you can call me He Ge(Ge means big brother in Chinese. He Ge means Brother He) instead ."

Cong Rong glanced at her hard and saw her expectation, and then called her with a complex expression: "He Ge."

He Wenjing smiled and suddenly asked in a low voice: "Cong Rong? Zhong Zhen? Your family names y’all in similar styles?"

Before Cong Rong answered, she laughed, "ha ha ha ha... the name Zhong Zhen is so funny, does he still have a younger brother or younger sister named Bu Yu? Loyalty?" (Zhong Zhen Bu Yu 忠贞不渝 means loyalty in Chinese)

Cong Rong nodded and answered seriously: "How do you know? He really has a sister named Zhong Buyu."

Thinking of Zhong Buyu's mischievous little devil, Cong Rong sighed.

"..." He Wenjing straightened her face, "I also know a weird guy with a strange name called ginseng. I should introduce you to him."

Cong Rong looked at the person who had chatted with her for a long time and felt that the doctor Zhong Zhen introduced her to was unreliable.

He Wenjing probably saw the doubts in Cong Rong's eyes and coughed a little, "Ermm... take off the mask and lay down, I will help you to see it."

He Wenjing put on a mask and checked, "your face swollen? You have a fever too?"