Autumn's concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.3 - 1st stop: Young Master and Bento girl * Encounter (3)

A dart shot through the air, hitting the centre of the target.

Several onlookers were applauding.

``I really deserve to be our Sheng De University’s young master, amazing, amazing!''

He listened indifferently and continued to shoot darts, music rock the nightclub, lively and extraordinary, but his heart was empty and quiet, desolate.

He gnawed in loneliness alone until two buddies A Jian and Jacko huddled together to push forward a dreadful otaku.

``The person who avenged you is finally here,'' A Jian introduced.

The otaku looked at the glowing light and sighed, pushing the black glasses. ``Thank you, thank you, Ren classmate.''

"Now, I admit defeat." Jacko took out a stack of banknotes and handed it to Guangxi. " You got Zhang Alili within a week, Here take it!"
Guang Xi took the bill coldly. "I knew that I should have made a bigger bet, she was easier than tricking a three-year-old. She was the prettiest girl in the Department of International Trade? Yeah, right. I don’t feel any sense of accomplishment at all." He said thoughtfully to the otaku. 

The latter took his sight and bowed his head in shame. "I suggest you choose a prettier one for your next girlfriend. But dont try to win her heart Because they don’t have. Got it? Don't be stupid and get taken advantage of! 

He placed the [loot] left by Zhang Aili in front of the otaku. "Take this and sell it off online. Pay off your credit card. If it is not enough, just take it as the tuition fees for this lesson." ."

``Yes, thank you.'' The otaku took back the [loot] into his embrace and took it away quietly.

"Okay, let's congratulate Guangxi on successfully exposing a witch." Jacko whistled loudly. "The next goal is..."

``Forget it, I'm not interested anymore.'' Guangyi was sullen and suddenly felt that such a betting game was getting boring, especially when he thought of the situation today at the police station, getting scolded for no reason by a stupid girl who thought she was a messenger of justice made it even more boring. “I do not want to play anymore."

"Oh my god, the game was just about to get exciting, how can you quit?" Jacko wowed. "You know? The goal this time is very challenging, it's an absolute fake fairy. Not a single guy in school could get her number. It’s harder for boys to get her number than it is for the Hornet to beat Micardon..."

Who cares who beats who, he is also not transformers!

Guang Xi sneered mockingly and was about to refuse. A Jian suddenly put the phone up to show him the picture of the target.

"Look, this fake fairy, looks not bad right?"

Guangxi stared at the photo in amazement. Wasn't this girl the one who scolded him a piece of trash in the police station this morning?

Things are interesting now. He narrowed his eyes and sneered in the corner of his mouth.

* * * * *

During lunchtime, the restaurant's busiest time, Uncle A Cai is responsible for cooking in the kitchen, little aunt is responsible for sending dishes back and forth, and Mu Cheng is responsible for serving the college students who come to buy food.

The three people work hard together for the restaurant. Among them, Mu Cheng is the signboard of the restaurant. She is young and beautiful, and her temperament is good. Every time she stands in front of the counter, she attracts a group of male students to swarm up.

She knows that most people have other things in mind, but for the restaurant business, she can only try to put on a sweet and polite smile while serving everyone.

``It turns out that you are the bento girl who has recently caused a whirlwind in school!'' A very ironic voice fell in front of her.

She stunned and greeted with a smile on her face.

It’s Ren Guangxi! How can this rich prince come to this poor student restaurant?

``What are you doing here?'' she smiled calmly.

"Why? My family owns this place, Can’t I come?" He always spoke so annoyingly.

Mu Cheng frowned, turning her head to ignore him and serve other students.

Guangxi saw her arrogant attitude, and Jianmei twisted her head. "Why is the service here so lousy? No one has served me since I came in. It seems that we should change a vendor." Sigh.

Mu Cheng stiffened and understood the meaning in his words.

Auntie Xiao and Uncle A cai finally won the management right of this restaurant, but it cannot be destroyed in her hands.

She turned back stiffly and forced herself to smile. "What do you want to eat, Ren Guangxi? The beef noodles and shrimp fried rice in our restaurant are very popular, or do you want a lunch set?"

``I won’t eat anything from this place,'' he sneered contemptuously.

She suffocated. "So what are you doing at this restaurant?"

``I'm here to inform you in person.'' He leaned forward, ignoring the curious attention of his classmates, and frivolously said: "Go out with me tomorrow!"

``What?!'' She was shocked.

"Can't you understand Chinese? I want you to date me."

What? Who does this guy think he is?

Mu Cheng's eyes lit up with anger: "Maybe Prince Ren has a lot of time and can't use finish, but I'm different, I'm very busy, I have to work tomorrow, I'm not free..."

``Mastering English Grammar.'' He spit out a few words slowly.

She was stunned for a moment, suddenly. "My book! It’s with you, right?"

"I checked. A person named Hua Tuoya borrowed the book for you. He just got accepted into the Department of Horticulture at 22.. And he was only accepted because of his athletics record. He took out a book for non-student. Don’t you think he will be expelled from school tomorrow?"

Is this a threat? Mu Cheng clenched her fist and bit her lip bitterly. Since this abominable guy is the only son of the chairman, it is indeed possible to use privileges to casually expel classmates.

"What do you want?"

"I already told you?" He shrugged and smiled warmly and harmlessly, but his eyes were cold and cold. "I will see you at the door of the restaurant at noon tomorrow. You should not make me wait for even a minute."