Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 10.3

Chapter 10.3 - An Unlockable Past (Part 2)

    The other party couldn't hide his feelings and kept asking Zeng Li to convey his gratitude.

    Director Li is well-known in her work unit, and when he makes a speech in a meeting, he needs to spend the first half of his time looking back at the past, and then spend the second half of his time looking forward to the future. After he speaks for a long time, he then thinks of looking at his watch." Yo, time is running out, let's get down to business."

    After finally hanging up her phone, Zeng Li let out a long sigh of relief, stamped her frozen feet, and returned to the living room.

    She froze in place.

    Ai Jingchu actually just sat on the sofa and fell asleep.

    Zeng Li quietly took a few steps closer, and called out tentatively, "Ai...Jingchu." She shouted softly, afraid that he was just closing his eyes and slumbering, but also afraid that he was really asleep, and she might accidentally disturb his sleep.

    He was motionless, breathing evenly and long.

    Maybe it was the effect of the medicine, maybe it was because he was really tired, she waited silently for a minute or two, and found that he really slept soundly.

    His head was slightly raised, leaning on the back of the sofa, against the background of the orange light, the outline of his eyebrows exuded a dazzling beauty from the inside out. With one hand in front of him and the other on the armrest, he closed his eyes with a thick layer of eyelashes, much more amiable than when he was awake.

    Zeng Li didn't know what to do.

    Finally, after a long thought, she went into the bedroom and came out with a thick blanket.

    The corner of the blanket swept across the coffee table, and accidentally kicked the bag that Ai Jingchu put on it to the ground, and something rolled onto the carpet, making a muffled sound, Zeng Li hurriedly raised her eyes and looked at Ai Jingchu.

    Fortunately, he was not affected.

    After carefully picking up the things, she bent over and cover the blanket in her hand on him, and the hand he put on the arm of the sofa was out of the blanket because it was stretched farther. The fingertips were neatly trimmed, there were no extra nails, and even some places were cut too much and were slightly deformed. The fingers are very white and all the nail seams are extremely clean.

    Hands used to save the wounded.

    Are all men who need to work using their hands like this?

    Zeng Li thought for a while, then moved the hand on the armrest to his lap. Maybe her hand was too cold, which disturbed him. His brows wrinkled, he took his hand back from Zeng Li and put it on the near side, tilted his head but didn't wake up.

    After doing all this, Zeng Li took her things, turned off the light, and slowly closed the door.

    Zeng Li didn't fall asleep for a long time after she went back.

    She have difficulties sleeping in a bed other than her own, and she couldn't fall asleep till late at night. She was lying on the bed, looking at the curtains for a while, and the ceiling for a while, and she didn't know how long it took to close her eyes. In a daze, she had many dreams again. Those dreams were fragments, fragment after fragment, layer by layer, like a black shadow grabbed her, dragged her, and forced her to be unable to breathe.

    She kicked her legs under the quilt suddenly, and she was woken up by herself.

    Zeng Li looked at the time, and opened the curtains, the snow had stopped, and the horizon seemed a little gray.

    In the end, she simply packed up and went out.

    The sunrise on Dongshan Mountain is a well-known sight. Because the mountain is covered by heavy snow, the road has not been opened to traffic, but the cable car has opened. Dongshan Hotel is still a short distance from the top of the mountain. You can take the cable car or climb up by yourself.

    Probably because of the snow last night, there were not many people watching the sunrise, only a few groups of people.

    Zeng Li happened to meet a few colleagues who were going to watch the sunrise when she went out. She didn't dare to walk the mountain road alone, so she bought a ticket to the top of the mountain with them.

    The cable car is very large, and one car can hold more than 20 people.

    Along the way, everyone was very excited and kept taking pictures in the cable car, but Zeng Li stood quietly in the corner by herself.

    At the end of the cable car, everyone got off and ran towards the cliff to view the view, not paying any attention to the other direction Zeng Li was walking.

    Instead of walking with the crowd watching the sunrise, she bypassed the courtyard wall of Dongshan Temple on the top of the mountain and continued to walk towards the small mountain there. The snow on the top of the mountain was so thick that it barely covered her calf, and the altitude was high, so she struggled to walk and was a little out of breath.

    But she still walked faster and faster, and in the end, she couldn't lift her legs, and she fell into the snow.

    She fell face down, her cheeks against the snow, and she didn't want to move for a long time.

    After a while, she heard someone shouting over the cliff, and it seemed that dawn was about to break.

    She tried to roll over, sat up, and walked forward again.

    Finally, she saw the long-lost huge concentric lock sculpture. The chains around the sculpture, and even the handrails made of iron chains on the edge of the cliff, are all copper locks. As long as there is a gap, the place is full of locks, layer after layer, overlapping, and the original appearance of the chain can hardly be seen.

    She walked over, then squatted down and flipped through the locks.

    Almost every lock is engraved with "Forever together, a hundred years of harmony".

    But she was looking for something beyond that.

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