Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.3 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 2)

   The visibility outside the window is extremely low, and there are many corners and sharp corners, so he drives very cautiously, and he will be very careful at every sharp bend where he can't see the road ahead. She doesn't often get motion sickness, but when she gets to the mountain road, she has tinnitus and hiccups, especially when she is in Wu Ying's car. 

Wu Ying had a reckless personality. When she saw that there was no one next to her and no car, she drove fast and slammed on the brakes when she turned a corner. Once, Wu Ying dropped her mobile phone, and she actually bent over to pick it up while driving. She was so frightened that Zeng Li yelled, “You are crooked! There is a car coming from the opposite side, quickly give way! ”

    When Wu Ying looked up and asked“ "Where is it?" I didn't see it.” By the time, the other party had already run past behind him. 
     Zeng Li said angrily: "Fortunately, people saw you. ”
     In the words of Ma Yiyi's unethical words, it is: If she gets a terminal illness one day, then buy high-value insurance first, and then take Wu Ying's car. In this way, her parents will have insurance companies to rely on for the rest of her life, and it will be worth it. 
     However, Ai Jingchu's calmness and solemnity are completely contrary to Wu Ying. 
     They have not spoken, and the music in the car appropriately obscured the silence. 
     At this moment, the singing in the stereo suddenly stopped and turned into a bell, and the DVD navigation display on the console indicated that there was an incoming call. Ai Jingchu glanced at the number on the screen, pressed the call button at hand, and picked it up. 
     “Hello,” he said. 
     “Hello, Dr. Ai, I am Xue Xiaomei. I looked for you yesterday, Mu Chenghe's cousin. ”
     Ai Jingchu's mobile phone is bound to the car Bluetooth, so the sound of the call is transmitted from the stereo hands-free, and Zeng Li can also hear it clearly. 
     Zeng Li heard the woman's voice with a heavy nasal sound. She had either caught a cold or had just cried. If she hadn't called “Dr. Ai” first, she would have thought that the other party was here to ask Ai Jingchu for love debts. 
     The man said again: “Regarding the children, my husband and my mother-in-law have something they want to consult you in person. We...” At this point, the person on the other end of the phone did not continue to talk and seemed to be crying. 
     Zeng Li glanced at Ai Jingchu secretly. 
     Ai Jingchu said, "Mrs. Xue, wait a minute, and I will call you later. ”
    After hanging up, Ai Jingchu pulled the car over and stopped, then opened the door and got out of the car, walked under a tree, and dialled the phone back. 
     He was standing in front of the lights, so Zeng Li could slowly observe his every move. 
     Most people who answer the phone while standing will pace up and down while talking, or change the support point of their body to their left foot for a while and to their right foot for a while, but Ai Jingchu is different. He just stood like this, neither changing his centre of gravity nor moving his steps, straight and motionless. 
     The place he chose happened to be the densest part of the foliage. The surrounding ground was wet by the rain, and only his circle was dry and light-coloured. 
     At first, a cloud of white mist appeared in his mouth when he opened his mouth, and gradually the cloud of heat disappeared. 
     The car did not turn off, and the wipers, heating and sound were still working. Zeng Li was sitting in the warm car while he stayed in the cold night. 
     Suddenly, he glanced up at Zeng Li, just in time to meet Zeng Li's gaze at him, and then walked towards Zeng Li. 
     Zeng Li thought it was strange that even if he was ready to get in the car after speaking, he would go to the door on the other side instead of coming to her. What is he going to do? Seeing him getting closer and closer, Zeng Li suddenly remembered what her uncle said, “The heart of the defence is indispensable” Could it be that she was wrong and trusted him in vain? Does he want to circle her while talking on the phone, or dump eight pieces of corpses in the wilderness? 
     Ai Jingchu stopped in front of Zeng Li's door and knocked on the car window. 
     Zeng Li pressed it open suspiciously. 

    “It's hard to say how often you will have surgery after you are born. It depends on the child's weight and status. ” While answering the other party's question, he motioned to Zeng Li to open the drawer of the co-driver's car in front of him. 
     She obediently did so.

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