First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 2.2


Chapter 2 - Love, like a fire burning in the heart, sometimes warms you, other times hurt you (2)

        After class, a group of girls surrounded Xiong Yifan and gossipped around her: "Huh, How can they not keep to their promises. Didn’t they agreed on voting for you, yet they changed their votes last minute! Disgusting! "

   "Right! We can take a look at those votes and see whose handwritings those traitors are."

   Boys in the class gathered in one place playing basketball. They only wished that the breaks between classes could be longer so that they could play a full match. Hearing those girls, some of them showed guilt. Qi Xiaosong took the first step: "Xiong Ge (Ge: brother, slightly tomboyish girls would be called Ge with their surname at the front), don’t be discouraged, though you were not chosen as the chairperson, you still stand a chance to be the female Sports Representative?"

   Ding Ming listened and shouted at him: "Sports Representative! This job is for nü han zi (女汉子: refers to the type of girl that does manual labor herself rather than ask for or receive help from men). Why don't you choose Xiao Xiong as a Literary Representative?"

   The boys laughed when they heard that. If Xiong Yifan was not nü han zi, then who else was?

   Then they started to make a scene.

   "If Xiong Yifan becomes a Literary Representative, she will start singing Cang Hai Yi Sheng Shao (A Chinese Song)"

   "No, no, you should sing Yu Gong Yi Shan (Another song). ‘Looking at the skies beyond skies, walking path ~~’"

   The boys started a choral.

   A handful of girls began to snicker.

Xiong Yifan looked at those guys, didn’t hesitate to pick up her chair, and attacked the boys laughing at her. Though she has a petite figure, she had enormous strength. Qi Xiaosong tried to fight back, but it was useless. In a moment, he was firmly pressed on the ground under the chair by Xiong Yifan.

   "I will be a Sports Rep with you then?" she asked.

   Qi Xiaosong looked at Xiong Yifan as he smiled and showed off his white teeth. His eyes squinted into two crescents and nodded obediently. His expressions were pleasing.

   After attacking those annoying boys, Xiong Yifan clapped her hands and shrugged indifferently. "Don’t worry about it, don't be angry, it's not a big deal."Xiong Yifan said to the girls. 

   Seeing Xiong Yifan's dominance character, Ding Ming ran to her and threw her arms around Xiong Yifan, screaming, “Xiao Xiong, if only you would be a boy, you can be my boyfriend! Love you so much.”

   Xiong Yifan rolled her eyes. Even her friends wanted her to be a man instead. Is she destined to be macho for life?

Tang Tang sat at the corner with her best friend Zhang Mengting, turned her head, and looked at Xiong Yifan. They exchanged a glance and she turned to watched Qi Xiaosong happily clapping with the boys around him, as if they were celebrating something, she heaved a sigh.

   How innocent she was, how innocent...

   Sure enough, Xiong Yifan lived up to the expectations and was selected as a Sports Rep. It is a pity that Xiong Yifan is completely unhappy because she is recognized by the whole class as a “nü han zi”.

When she walked on the podium to make a speech, she glanced at the crowd, and then slapped the table with both palms, almost snarling, saying: "Brothers and sisters, let’s thrash the other classes in this year’s inter-class sports competition!"

"YES!” some screamed

   "What is our chant?"

   "We’ll win!"

   The whole class cheered, boosting their morale, and the loud voice they made was enough to make others on the campus turn to look at them. Even the students playing football on the playground could not help but look at the year two Class (2).

   Ding Ming smiled happily like a blooming flower. This is Xiong Yifan's indignant and powerful character was why Xiong Yifan is friends with almost everyone.

   She was like a sun that shines bright and mellow light, no matter how cold the weather is, as long as she is there, people will feel a little warm.

   During gym class, students walked out of the teaching building in small groups of twos and threes and walked into the gymnasium.

  Qi Xiaosong catches up with Xiong Yifan, placed a hand on her shoulder, and asked "Wanna play basketball? One to one match."

  The boys cheered from behind to cajole Xiong Yifan into playing. She smiled contemptuously and turned to look at the boy who was two taller than her. She couldn't help but ridicule, "You have nothing but height. Sure then, I am not afraid to challenge you."

   Seeing Xiong Yifan agreeing to the match, Qi Xiaosong grinned widely and nodded, hands made an OK gesture, and organized the class to line up into 2 rows to prepare for the gym class. Xiong Yifan went to the Sports equipment room to get equipment needs.

        In the stadium, another class lined up at the same time. When the sports teacher saw Xiong Yifan, he immediately greeted her.

   "Xiao Xiong, let Mr. Xu, your gym teacher, know that I will need two students from your class to lead a freshman to the exercises." The physical education teacher wore loose sportswear and talked to her while warming up. Their conversation was casual, unlike teachers and students.

   Every physical education teacher in the school seems to know her. During the first year of the High School Sports Games, Xiong Yifan participated in several competitions and she broke the records for several of them. Many people nicknamed her as one with "developed limbs but a simple mind".

        "Okay, how about I get you the exercise lead in our school? She is the best looking girl in our school!" Xiong Yifan replied casually to the teacher, just like talking with her classmates. She then pointed at the Sports Equipment room with a smile , "Teacher, I'll pick up the equipment I need first, then I will help you tell Mr Xu!"

  "Sure, go!"