Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 21.2

Chapter 21.2 - Shao Suying Visit (1)

Shao Suying and Su Jinbei were far away from each other. Their faces were calm as if they were strangers.

At this moment, Gao Zitong looked at Su Jinbei with contempt, and when she came over, Gao Zitong said next to Shao Suying, “This is Su Jinbei who I was telling you about, the fox who stole Jiawei.”

“Oh, it’s her.”

“Yeah, didn’t you come here today to see with your own eyes the fox I was telling you about?”

Shao Suying leaned on the back of the chair, “Well, yeah. That’s it, huh. I can tell she’s not a good person at first glance.”

Gao Zitong was very happy in her heart and quickly said, “That’s what I’m saying, with such a charming face, she must have great seduction skills.”

Shao Suying looked down, thinking of how her second brother was unknowingly “wearing a green hat”, “Damn woman.”

Gao Zitong smiled when she saw this. It’s not a good thing to make the young lady of the Zhou family feel unhappy, Su Jinbei’s screwed this time.

“Drink.” Gao Zitong diligently handed Shao Suying a glass of juice. “No need.” Shao Suying’s eyes followed Su Jinbei’s movements.

Gao Zitong was not annoyed that she was treated coldly, and she still sat beside Shao Suying with a smile. She and Shao Suying met at a business party. She hadn’t noticed the little girl at first. Later, she heard that her identity was exceptional and deliberately approached her. Later, after they became friends, she finally knew how exceptional.

Although Gao Zitong had never been in contact with anyone from the Zhou family of the Imperial Capital, she heard from her family that this was a household that even her elders couldn’t touch. Being able to befriend the maternal granddaughter of the Zhou family was a great advantage to her family.

“Xiao Yao, I put my script here just now, did you see it.” Su Jinbei walked over to the rest area and turned a blind eye to Gao Zitong and Shao Suying.

The staff called by Su Jinbei pointed to Shao Suying, “I saw the script on that chair just now…”

Su Jinbei turned her head to look around and met Shao Suying’s hostile look. Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, naturally thinking, no wonder Gao Zitong was displeased with her, it must be Miss Shao’s instructions.

“Hello, can you stand up for a while, you might be sitting on my script.” Su Jinbei looked at Shao Suying from above and said politely.

“It’s not here, go look for it elsewhere.” Shao Suying said slowly.

Su Jinbei grinned, “But you might really be sitting down on it, can you just stand up and show me for a bit?”

Shao Suying, “No. Way.”

“She said it’s not here, Su Jinbei, don’t you understand?” Gao Zitong said happily.

Su Jinbei took a deep breath and slowly leaned down, leaning one hand on Shao Suying’s seat armrest, “I’ll say it again, you, stand up and show me.”

Gao Zitong, “Su Jinbei!”

Shao Suying narrowed her eyes, “Are you deaf, how many times I have to tell you that what you’re looking for is not with me… Ah!”

The room was filled with a scream, and everyone saw Su Jinbei with the speed of a lightning pull Miss Shao’s seat violently, and then threw it aside mercilessly. Shao Suying stumbled several times and was narrowly supported by a staff member.

Everyone froze. Su Jinbei had great strength and her courage… was also great.

Su Jinbei, who was stared at by everyone, picked up her script from Shao Suying’s chair. “Look, I told you it was here.”

“Su Jinbei, you dare make me fall!!”

Su Jinbei stared on with her big eyes, a pair of peach blossom eyes evil and charming, “Ah, I accidentally put too much strength, are you alright.”


“What’s going on here.” Director Zhang came from not far away, “Why is it so noisy, Miss Shao, what happened to you?”

“Director Zhang.” Gao Zitong ran over anxiously as she pretended, “Look at Su Jinbei, she didn’t control her strength and almost made Yingying fall. Weren’t you only looking for your script, we didn’t even know we accidentally sat on your script. “

“Oh, didn’t I sincerely ask for her to stand up.” Su Jinbei was helpless, “but she didn’t listen.”

Zhang Xuecheng gave Su Jinbei a glance, “Jinbei, she’s a guest, it’ll be over if you say sorry.”

Gao Zitong was beaming with pride.

Su Jinbei’s eyes narrowed dangerously and she stretched her hand in a “come hither” motion, “Come here.”

Shao Suying’s complexion changed, “What’s with your attitude!”

Zhang Xuecheng quickly said, “Jinbei, speak politely.” He was doing this for Su Jinbei’s good. Even he wouldn’t dare to offend this little girl. Where would Su Jinbei have the ability? She was a good actor, he didn’t want to find an actor suitable for this role all over again.

Su Jinbei didn’t care about the eyes of the people present. Shao Suying didn’t come over so she walked over. She slightly came closer and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “You still want to cause trouble, eh?”

Shao Suying, “You’re the one causing trouble, not me.”

Su Jinbei hooked her lips, “Well, since you insisted on saying so, I’ll have to talk to your Second Brother, and then let your Second Brother inform Grandma and Elder Brother, how you’re acting outside.”

“You dare!”

“Why don’t I dare, Suying, don’t learn bad things from others, or else, Grandma and them will definitely feel that the family has lost face, and will pull you back to relearn etiquette, hm… they would lock you up for a few months and have you copy scriptures, or lock you in your room, or maybe even send you abroad… “

Shao Suying glared, “Su Jinbei, you have the guts to threaten me.”

“Oh, no, I don’t dare, but you are Shiyun’s sister, after all, I don’t want you to be led down the wrong path.”

“You, you…”

“Okay, okay, stop talking. Be good, go home, don’t come out and make trouble.” Su Jinbei pushed her shoulders with a fake smile.

Shao Suying bit her lip and stared at her angrily.

At this time, Su Jinbei also justly said aloud, “I’m so sorry, Ms. Shao, I really shouldn’t have done that just now. I was just too worried about my script!”

Shao Suying waved her hand vigorously, “Hmph!” Then she turned away with a sullen face.

Gao Zitong was surprised for a moment, but she didn’t expect Shao Suying to be fine with just that. She quickly caught up, “Yingying!”

Su Jinbei waved her hand, “Goodbye, Miss Shao, come again to play next time.”

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 21.1

Chapter 21.1 - Shao Suying Visit (1)

After Han Wenbin left, Gao Zitong, who was sitting a few steps away, suddenly whispered coldly, “Hmph, what an expert at seducing men.”

Su Jinbei lifted her pant leg and looked at her sideways, “Are you talking to me?”

Gao Zitong’s eyes were full of contempt, “Does anyone else here have the skill other than you?”

Su Jinbei sat up slowly and looked at Gao Zitong with her head in her hands, “Look, do you have something against me or were you born mean?”

This was the only lounge in the studio. Although there were not many people sitting in it, the two of them definitely weren’t the only one there. At this time, the two of them were getting worked up, and the several actors present suddenly focused their attention on them.

Gao Zitong’s eyes were cold, “I’m just telling the truth so that everyone can see how you really are.”

Su Jinbei raised her brows, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen an uneducated person say something so tactfully. Miss Gao, I admire you.”

Gao Zitong stood up angrily, “Su Jinbei!”

“What’s wrong, flying into a rage out of shame?”

“Hah, the shameful person is you, only relying on men to climb up the ladder. To get to where you are today, did you spend a lot of energy?”

Su Jinbei shrugged, “I don’t agree with the first half of the sentence, but I agree with the second half of the sentence. I worked hard to get where I am today. Of course, people like Miss Gao, who has powerful backing and relies on their family to pay their way to fame, cannot relate to little people like us. “

“Who’s relying on their family!”

“Ah, is it wrong?” Su Jinbei smiled innocently, “Then Miss Gao should ignore it, I’m only relaying what others are saying.”

Gao Zitong clenched her fists and was speechless for a moment.

“Zitong jie, start shooting.” The assistant came over and pulled Gao Zitong.

Gao Zitong snorted coldly, glared at Su Jinbei fiercely, and turned away.

After Gao Zitong left, several actors present were admiringly looking at Su Jinbei.

Gao Zitong’s background was an open secret in the circle. Gao Zitong’s debut was really not memorable at all, but her family was willing to spend money for her to play, from movies, commercials, TV dramas… with every step, they bought her fame with money. With such a background, with so many resources in hand, people in the circle were generally not stupid enough to offend Gao Zitong, and nobody was willing to face her upfront.

And Su Jinbei, when she came to this circle, her family had opposed her decision. The Su family did not want the young lady of the Su family to show her face in public, so she completely covered up her background. The reporters could not dig out information even if they wanted to. If they did find something, most of the time it was fake. She had come to where she was today all by herself.

In the eyes of everyone, one was a lady with a background, and the other was a host without a background (although there may be a gold master behind). Although the two people were quite famous, you could tell which one to flatter and which one to be alienated at a glance…

“Su jiejie.” Chen Xinai came over and whispered while sitting next to her, “I just heard about it, Gao Zitong caused you trouble again.”

Because of her dispute with Gao Zitong, many actors were hesitant to approach her, but this Chen Xinai was an exception, she liked to stick to her after filming.

Su Jinbei patted her head, “What’s wrong.”

“Is Su jiejie angry, she insulted you.”

Su Jinbei smiled, “Xinai, why don’t you think that maybe she was right?”

“Ah?” Chen Xinai was startled, “I, I don’t believe that Su jiejie is that kind of person…”

“You are really naive and simple, there are so few of you in this circle.” Su Jinbei looked at her softly, “but thank you for being willing to believe me.”

“Then, Su jiejie, you…”

Su Jinbei looked at her in shock and chuckled. “Of course, I am not like that. Does being beautiful mean you have to advance by seducing people? I have told you, I already belong to someone, I’m not an immoral person. “

“Already belong to someone?” Chen Xinai was shocked and surprised, “Su jiejie has a boyfriend?!”

Su Jinbei smiled inscrutably, “This is… a secret.”

After some time, everyone knew that Su Jinbei and Gao Zitong were at odds with each other. The two often exchanged cold offensive remarks, and if one couldn’t stand the other anymore, she would turn away and leave…

And Su Jinbei, she no longer thought about why Gao Zitong was always against her, anyway, different situations call for different actions. If Gao Zitong insulted her with one sentence, she would reply with three until the other party lost her temper.

At noon on this day, everyone started to have lunch.

“Su jiejie.” Chen Xinai came to eat with her lunch box, “Did you just see the girl in pink.”

Su Jinbei heartbrokenly picked the braised pork out of her lunchbox, and said indifferently, “What girl in pink.”

“I don’t know who she is either, I only saw Gao Zitong linking arms with her intimately, and what’s even more amazing is that even Director Zhang is very respectful to her.” Chen Xinai sat down and continued, “She’s really pretty, not a person in the circle. Everyone’s guessing that she might be a young lady from a really good family.”

“Oh, is that so.” Su Jinbei felt as if a knife was being twisted in her heart as she moved away half her rice. She had to maintain her figure!

“Su jiejie, are you listening to me?”

“I am, I am.” Su Jinbei finally began to eat, “Pink girl, right.”

Chen Xinai, “… Forget it, enjoy your meal.”

The entire time Su Jinbei never took what Chen Xinai said about the pink girl to heart. She didn’t even realize who the pink girl was until she finished her meal and walked to the studio with Chen Xinai.

Even Director Zhang treated her respectfully, and Gao Zitong was also intimate with her… so that’s who she was. She had met her several times at the Zhou Residence and she was someone who didn’t really like her very much, Shao Suying.

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 20.2

Chapter 20.2 - Gao Zitong (2)

“Han laoshi.” At this moment, someone opened the door and called.

Many people got up to say hello, even Gao Zitong, who had been angry with Su Jinbei, retracted her sharp look. She smiled and said hello to Han Wenbin, “Han laoshi, I have waited for you for a long time, how come you just arrived.”

Su Jinbei felt nauseous, she changed attitudes faster than flipping a page in a book.

Han Wenbin smiled, “There was a little traffic jam on the road.”

“Is that so, Han laoshi, please sit down.”

“Thank you.”

Han Wenbin sat down in another makeup chair. A makeup artist came to put on makeup for him. He waved his hand and took out the script. “No rush, let others finish first, I’ll just read my script.”


Han Wenbin was sitting on the other side of Su Jinbei. The two met each other’s eyes and only nodded, no extra words.

Su Jinbei respected Han Wenbin very much. He had been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years and relied entirely on his own strength. Furthermore, his acting skills were notoriously good, and all the movies he starred in became a success. Him becoming the male lead of “Crisis City” this time around was a sure-fire guarantee that the movie will be a box office hit.

After the arrival of Han Wenbin, Gao Zitong finally stopped acting out.

Su Jinbei finished her makeup and went out after putting on her costume. Sitting in a chair in the corner of the set, she still couldn’t understand Gao Zitong’s stance against her.

“Su jiejie.” Chen Xinai was also done with her makeup, “Su jiejie, are you okay?”

“Me? Why wouldn’t I be?”

Chen Xinai puffed her cheeks, “The air between you and Gao Zitong just now didn’t feel right, she obviously wanted to bully you.”

Su Jinbei smiled, “What’s wrong, do you think I was bullied?”

“No, no.” Chen Xinai waved her hands no, “I just think she was too much, just because she was famous doesn’t give her an excuse to do this.

Su Jinbei squinted through her script and whispered, “Eh… she was a little over the top, could it be she’s in that time of the month?”

Chen Xinai, “Eh?”

Su Jinbei looked up and patted Chen Xinai’s shoulder, “Okay, don’t worry about her, concentrate on filming. She doesn’t seem to be someone to provoke, just stay away from her a little.”

Chen Xinai looked at Su Jinbei earnestly, “Su jiejie, you are so nice.”

The outer corners of Su Jinbei’s eyes wrinkled, “Of course, you’re such a cute little sister.”

The two people sat down and chatted. After a while, Chen Xinai was called away by the director. Since Su Jinbei’s scene hadn’t started shooting, she just waited where she was.

As a result, she waited until Zhou Shiyun called. It was rare for Zhou Shiyun to call her. Su Jinbei was very happy when she saw the name displayed, so when she picked up, her voice was lighter, “Hello~ why did you think of calling me, miss me?”

Zhou Shiyun was already used to Su Jinbei’s tone and asked directly, “Where are you.”

“I’m filming, are you back in the hospital?”

“En.” Zhou Shiyun said, “Forget it since you’re not here.”

“Eh, what’s the matter?”

Zhou Shiyun, “It’s nothing.”

“This isn’t like you.” Su Jinbei’s curiosity was piqued, “People who don’t finish talking are the most hateful.”

“En.” Zhou Shiyun was unmoved, “I’m hanging up.”

“Hey, you’re hanging up like this? You’re really not saying?”

“We’ll talk about it when you come back.”

Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, and her beautiful eyes suddenly smiled and bent, “So you’re going to wait for me to come back. Okay, the two cities are not far away anyway. When I’m on break, I’ll sneak out to find you. “

Zhou Shiyun was silent for a moment, “It’s not a big deal, don’t need to rush over.”

“Hush, don’t say one thing and mean another, I know you want to talk to me face to face.” Su Jinbei looked at the assistant director who beckoned with her in the distance, “I’m going to film now. If you miss me too much just look me up on the internet, I’m always there.”

Zhou Shi twitched his eyebrows slightly and hung up the phone resolutely.

Su Jinbei smiled and stuffed her cell phone back into her bag. Suddenly she felt that Zhou Shiyun’s phone call lifted her mood that was destroyed by Gao Zitong.

Gee, beauty was really a good thing.

Su Jinbei had not accepted acting roles for a long time. The schedule of the filming was really tight. She also had to be suspended with wires and fought in several scenes these past few days. Because there were many closeups, she had to attend in person. So because these scenes were filmed one after another, she felt a little tired. On this day was another wire scene. After falling down, Su Jinbei couldn’t stand firmly. Fortunately, Han Wenbin who was around her helped her, and then, like the gentleman he was, took her to the side to rest.

“Young lady, don’t push yourself too hard, remember to speak up when you can’t hold it.” Han Wenbin handed her medicine for her wounds and reminded her kindly. Han Wenbin was actually about thirty-five years old, but because celebrities had to maintain themselves well, there was no visible age gap between them. But he had called her young lady, Su Jinbei could only restrain herself. He was still her senior after all.

Su Jinbei thanked him, “Han laoshi, you have it worse than I do. This is nothing.”

“How can that compare, you are a girl.”

“As actors, we should not lower our standards just because we’re girls, don’t you think?”

Han Wenbin smiled heartily, “Okay, okay. Working hard is good. Jinbei, you’re not too shabby.”

Su Jinbei smiled, “Thank you, Han laoshi, for your praise.”

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 20.1

Chapter 20.1 – Gao Zitong (1)

The scene they were going to film today was a prologue showcasing how she was trained. Su Jinbei asked He Di to manage other things and went to the makeup room by herself and the staff to apply makeup.

It’s still early today, and many actors had just arrived to put on makeup.

“Hello, Su jiejie, my name is Chen Xinai.” Su Jinbei was stopped by a young girl as soon as she entered the door. The little girl was pretty, about 163cm tall, wearing a down jacket and white shoes, her overall feeling was very fresh.

Because Su Jinbei was taller than her and wearing high heels, there was a cute height difference.

“Chen Xinai…” Su Jinbei couldn’t remember who she was, but she still reached out and shook her hand, “Hello, I’m Su Jinbei.”

Chen Xinai’s fair-skinned face blushed, and she said with some excitement, “Su jiejie, I’m an avid watcher of your show and I like you so much. I didn’t expect that the first time I’m filming it’d be with you. “

So she was a newcomer, no wonder she did not recognise her.

Su Jinbei thanked her and politely asked, “Who are you playing?”

“Zongzheng Peihan”

“Ah, it’s that princess.”

“Yep, yep, Su jiejie, you and I will have a lot of scenes together.”

Su Jinbei’s character was extremely vigilant when she reached the enemy country. She never trusted anyone but she made friends with the innocent and cute princess of the enemy country. As Chen Xinai said, the two will be in a lot of scenes together.

“En, I look forward to it.” Su Jinbei pointed to the dressing table, “I’m going to put on makeup first, what about you.”

“I’m going to put on makeup soon. Su jiejie, you go first.”


Su Jinbei sat on the makeup chair under Chen Xinai’s heart-shaped eyes. Her assistant Xiao Wai smiled and said, “Jinbei jie, do you prey on both male and female now?”

Su Jinbei mussed her long hair, her face was “helpless”, “Natural beauty is hard to live with…”

Halfway through makeup, a loud sound came from the doorway.

Su Jinbei stopped playing with her mobile phone and looked up through the makeup mirror. At the door of the dressing room at this time was a woman wearing a black coat and knee-high boots walking in.

Su Jinbei had seen her works but had never officially encountered the person in real life. Her name was Gao Zitong, and she was one of the Four Dan actresses chosen by netizens. In recent years, Gao Zitong was very popular. Although there were many fans and haters alike, it was because of this that she was regularly being talked about. Add to that the fact she had good backing, her resources in the industry were surely not lacking.

Su Jinbei motioned to the makeup artist to stop for a moment and felt that it was necessary to turn around and greet her.

However, she hadn’t even spoken a word after turning in her chair, and Gao Zitong in the blink of an eye had already sat down on the makeup chair next to her. She clearly had no intention of saying hello to her.

Su Jinbei raised his eyebrows, so cold… Forget it, they were strangers anyway.

“Where’s my makeup artist?”

“Miss Gao, please wait a moment, we’ll go to you after we finish with the actors over here.” Su Jinbei’s makeup artist said politely.

“Wait a moment? I’m going to make a movie soon and you’re letting me wait?” Gao Zitong sneered, “Stop working on the people who aren’t urgent, do mine first.”

The makeup artist was a little burdened, but she still called over the makeup artist who was applying makeup on Chen Xinai, “Xiaozheng, come and do Miss Gao’s makeup first.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Wait.” Gao Zitong crossed her leg and said to the makeup artist, although her eyes were turned to Su Jinbei, “I think your technique is better, you do my makeup.”

The makeup artist was stunned. “Miss Su hasn’t…”

“Do my makeup first, it should be no problem, right?”

The people around Gao Zitong quickly said, “Our Zitong is the main character, does the main character have to wait in line to get her face made up?”

The makeup artist frowned, but she dared not resist.

At this time, Su Jinbei, who had not spoken, suddenly chuckled lightly, but the sound rang clear, “Isn’t the problem only deciding who gets to get made up first, Miss Gao? We haven’t even begun filming, it doesn’t make a difference who gets their makeup done first. Why are you making it hard for the makeup artist? “

Gao Zitong’s assistant said, “What are you talking about, our Zitong is the main character, of course, she must be first, her makeup has to be flawless.”

Su Jinbei raised her eyes to her, and hidden in her enchanting eyes was a dangerous glint. “The main character? As far as I know, the movie’s main character is male, and we are all playing equal parts. Huh, didn’t you guys read the script carefully? “


“Shut up.” Gao Zitong stopped her assistant coldly. She looked at Su Jinbei. “Even if the main character isn’t a female, if we look at it closely, I still have the most important role. Miss Su, can’t you give me your makeup artist? “

Su Jinbei shrugged, “I’m sorry, you see my makeup is already halfway done and it doesn’t make sense to just stop here. Besides, what does Miss Gao mean by wanting my makeup artist? Didn’t they already assign you one just now.”

Gao Zitong hooked her lips, “But I just like yours more.”

Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes slightly, damn, this lady was deliberately asking for trouble. Did she provoke her on purpose? But she didn’t remember them ever crossing paths before.

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